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From : Omar Shishani <>
Sent : Monday, December 1, 2003 3:53 AM
To : <>
Subject : Reply

Dear Sir
I am sorry because you did not download my attached file. It was in a text attachment. I copied the text from the website then paste it to MS word. I wanted to show you that Mr. Amr is not making any decrees in Islam. He is just a preacher in Islam. I don't believe what you say about him regarding the millions he has made preaching in Islam. I am sure your information are derived from anti Islam Mongers such as Ibrahim Al-Jundi whom only Allah knows the people behind his attacks on Islam. I am sure if you open your heart and look into any story from the other side of each story you have been publishing depending on sources other than yours, then you might regret and ask repentance from Allah (SWT). As a victim of American media myself, I don't believe anything the media says about anybody until I check the other side. For yourself you have been tainting yourself with sins that Allah only knows. As one of your old town home-person, I wish may Allah guide you to the right path. Please Mr. Usamah, don't use profanity in your language because it degrades your newspaper.

Best regards

Omar Shishani

Sent : Sunday, November 30, 2003 8:10 PM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : Abdullah & Hamza's pic.

Dear Arabtimes,
it has been more than three weeks when you posted Abdullah & Hamza's pic, I think we had enough, we need more different pix for other assholes, we are not happy to remember their fucken faces though, but we would like to laugh at them.
Fawwaz Tuqan

Sent : Sunday, November 30, 2003 8:07 PM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : The new prohets

Dear Dr.Fawzi,
I was thrilled to read what did you write about "Manal" the fake (fuck, no difference) prophet and comparing her with Qerdawi the fucken monkey and Amr Khaled and all those fake, crocks, hope the oung generation will wake up an realize that those crocks just business people no more.
Amr Khaled is the same like Qerdawi and even Osama Bin Laden & his boyfriend Ayman Zawahri, and others have ready made (or home made) fatawi fo who pays more in U.S $, or to kill innocent people.
We have to keep after those crocks till they are in jail .
I highly appraise Arabtimes and your self for starting this topic to unveil the Islamic religion traders.
Fawwaz Tuqan

From : Salem Mahmood <>
Sent : Saturday, November 29, 2003 4:43 AM
To :
Subject : Amro Khalid

Dear Dr. Fawzi,

I read your article regarding Amro Khalid. I think you were not fair with the language you used to criticize this knowledgeable person. I think that you have a PHD. Part of being well educated is the way of debating and respecting the others even if you don't agree with them. I was surprised to see that you used 'excuse me to say' inappropriate language that is not accepted even from people having much lower education level than what you have. I have listened to this man few times and watched some of his programs. He took him self away from any political argument that could be held against him. He is concentrating on the ( Ibadat). This time we are living in what our profit peace be upon him discriped as the time when the person who practice his worshipping is like the one who is holding a piece of burning stone. We need people to remind us of the rulings of Allah all the time. We face distraction where ever we go. We want our children to know Allah and strengthen their belief in Allah. We want our wives, daughters and sisters (in blood and in islam) to be pure from sins and wrong doings. We want ourselves to be free from sins and wrong doings. We need someone to remind us. I am sure that you are human like us and needs to be reminded that we will not live for ever. Sooner or later we will be in the hands of Allah who will ask us about what we did in our lives. Did we follow his commands or neglected them. This is Allah's court. His punishments is far more than earth's rulers punishment. What is the problem with having a man like Amro khalid who is advising and explaining the religion to the people. I you do the same thing, allot of people will listen to you and praise you for your effort. People need to now Allah all the time. Allot of people talk about politics, wars, disasters,..economy, etc.. We judge them upon their outcome. If that leeds to a better society were people live in peace, harmony and peace of mind, then we say that they accomplished a result and we encourage them. If the others outcome leeds to a better society and meets what Allah ordered us to do then we encourage them too. No one is without a mistake, from a normal person to scholars to leaders. What we need is to stand with them, back them to do the right and advise them of what we think is wrong. We should also look at who we are before we judge the others. When we fix ourselves up, then will have a strong case in our hands. I don't refer to any one here. I just want to say that when we go to bed every night, we should be completely satisfied with our selves and be ready to meet our creator with our heart full of faith and trust in the mercy of Allah.
May Allah forgive all of us.


Salem Mahmood

Sent : Thursday, November 27, 2003 8:33 PM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : Amr Khaled followers

Dear Arabtimes,
I was really sad to read some of this fucken jerk Amr Khaled'd followers' letters to you.
In fact this reflects how shallow and cheap they are.
No doubt these followers will attack you with their viruses ( they are the viruses) because they are happy with his Fatwa as it fits their sexual and material interests. This reminds me with another fucken Shaykh Mr. Qerdwai ( I think he looks like a Qerd, monkey) and his Fatwa for the gulf Shaykhs to eat the porks meat and to drink alcohol.......
We can not expect less than what you got from those followers, but also their reaction shows that they can not prove any of his fatawi or theories, I bet you Amr him self can not prove any thing, and may be he does not memorize Al-Fateha from the Holly Qura'an , but for sure he can memorize his bank account number in London or Tel Aviv the same as Qerdawi.
Arabtimes, as they say back home, .....................and let the dogs keep barking....
Amr Khaled or Qerdawi or any other jerk is honored to be mentioned in Arabtimes the lonely and only free Arabic newspaper in the world.
Honorable Osama Fawzi, it is a great victory for you and Arabtimes to be the Arabic corrupted regimes enemy #1.
I am proud of you all, let them bark, who cares....
Fawwaz Tuqan

Sent : Monday, November 10, 2003 1:59 AM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : A new Palestinian financial SCANDAL

Dear Dr.Osama,
I know you are the only person, your newspaper is the only free forum to express our thoughts about our region.

Tonight Sunday. Nov. 9th. 2003 on the CBS news channel (60 minutes show) there was an issue about Yasser Arafat's fortune.
I was chocked to see & hear what does this dictator hide from the Palestinian people, or let us say what he stole from the Palestinians and / or in their names.
Billions of dollars in his personal accounts........
There were some facts which all Palestinians should stand and ask for such as;
1) Yasser Arafat is the sixth richest man in the world!!!!! How?
2) yasser Arafat deals with and have bank accounts in Leumi Israel Bank in Tel Aviv, and he transfers about $300 million dollars every year to his bank accounts in Switzerland threw the Israeli bank.
3) Suha's, (Arafat's bitch) monthly allowance is only $100.000.00 (One hundred thousand only), while the majority of the Palestinian people are living in poverty.
4) Arafat used to say that this is his money ( according to Martin Indik).
5) When the host asked Mohammed Rachid about Arafat's accounts in Leumi Israel Bank, he couldn't deny, and his stupid answer was: ( ask Arafat).
6) Arafat owns the Coca Cola plant in Ram Allah, beside a mobile phone company in Tunes.
Unfortunately the CBS News did not investigate about the PLO companies in Africa which is registered under the name (SAMED) which supposed to be for the Martyrs families but Arafat and his gang taking all their revineus.
7) Also there are many businesses and companies belong to Arafat and his bitch in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq ,Abu Dhabi, England and switzerland. Needless to mention Israel as Arafat, Shaa'th, Qurai'a, Abbas, Rujoub, Za'anoun have their investments with Israeli partners.......
Now the American administration is investigating about Arafat's wealth....Isn't that funny.... The American's defending the Palestinian people!!!!!
Fawwaz Toukan
You can publish my letters with my name.

Sent : Sunday, November 9, 2003 3:32 PM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : Al-Qa'eda's terrorism and Islam

Dear Arabtimes, the only free Arabic newspaper in the world.
like everybody I heard the news about the bombs in Riyadh and they suspect Al-Qa'eda to be behind it.
As a Muslim, I did not hear or learn that Islam urges Muslims to kill innocent civilians, women, children and unarmed men.
I am sure that this Al-Qa'eda terrorists are representing and serving the Anti-Islam movements.
They are not Muslims and we have to fight them wherever, whenever we can.
There is no difference between Osama Bin Laden the head of Al-Qa'eda terrorists and Arael Sharon, both are killing civilians, children, children and unarmed men.
Why don't they go and fight the Israeli Army if they are really defending Muslims and Islam and they want to liberate Palestine.
We are fed up with those people who are using Islam, Palestine to justify their brutality.
We did not forget yet the monster Saddam and his brutal sons, needless to say that Arab leaders are all the same like Saddam when it comes to their people they are tough, brutal and strong and when it comes to Israel they are nice and smooth more than a, chickens, they wont harm a fly.

Fawwaz Toukan
I don't mind and I don't care anymore to mention my name and e-mail.

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