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From : Baha Alshalalfah <>
Sent : Wednesday, January 21, 2004 10:56 PM
To : <>
Subject : Sharon

Dear Dr. Osama,
I really apprecite what you wrote regarding Sharon and the Arab leaders. You are so write when you said that we Palestinians should have a new leadership not corrupted like the current group of what so called"Palestinian Authority". They are just corrupted people who are squeezing every possible money from us. Also, I would like to see us first declare that we don't belong to the Arab and Muslim "world". What have they done to us till now?? Money?? The europeans and americans support us more than any arab or muslim country!! it is really painful to read that Saudi Arabia granted us 25 ambulences!! So it is ok to be killed and injuired, we will provide you with ambulences. it is really a matter of one-time decision to get red of all the bad history and strat a new begining.

From : <>
Sent : Monday, January 19, 2004 9:19 PM
To :
Subject : To whom it may concern

I've recently visited Jordan as I've done many times in the past. I wrote a letter to His Majesty, King Abdullah and was wondering if you would be so kind as to publish it.
Aisha Yasin


To His Royal Highness,
My name is Aisha Yasin, a peasant visiting your country and will be staying here for about a month. I've visited the kingdom in the past but have never stayed for this long. So far my trip has disappointed me terribly. The conversations that I've had with the people are heartbreaking.
The first thing that I couldn't help but notice is the western influence on your country, namely the malls. The "Mecca Mall"? Is that what our religion is reduced to? The name itself is sacrilegious. Foreign entities taking over our lands and peoples capitalizing on both, and influencing our attitudes and behaviors. The leaderships stand by to watch as that "bubble"of religion and tradition that protects and separates us from people all around the world slowly but surely fading away. Especially here in Jordan.
It saddens me when I see big governmental cars with their fancy red tags. It saddens me when I pass by one of your many palaces, Your Highness. Your Highness dwelling in such luxury while your people go hungry. There is such a gap between the rich and the poor with the middle class diminishing all together
You're role in this downward spiral is a big one, Your Majesty. Why are you letting go of major corporations and big chunks of land to foreign investors? When you have perfectly able-bodied Jordanian Engineers and technicians that are unemployed. With a little boost financially and otherwise from the kingdom they will be more than capable to do the job without foreign contamination. Why do you rent land to Israel for years on end? All the while knowing that once they've gotten their foot in the door it's literally impossible to get them out (let's not forget the little matter we used to call Palestine).
I'm sounding ever so cynical, that's just because I'm tired. I'm tired of our Arab leaders living in their lives of luxury at the expense of their people. The people are the ones who pay, and pay dearly. I'm tired of what our children are being fed, namely the idea that "west" is best, and to let go of what they've known all their lives. Places like the "Mecca Mall" and the open bars that are within them contribute to the destruction of that "bubble."
If his majesty has taken a few moments to read a peasant's letter than there is hope after all. If His Majesty has given up one of his many palaces in order to feed and reconstruct downtown Amman, then there is more than hope left. If His Majesty feels that he'd like to discuss this matter in further detail, I'll be staying in the Borge Building in Sweileh until the tenth of January.

Thank you,
Aisha Yasin

From : imane iman <>
Sent : Monday, January 19, 2004 3:59 PM
To :
Subject : Newsletter Due To suspension

Dear Mr Fawzi,

Please send me your regular newsletter concerning Libya due to the suspension of your site during 2003 by the Libyan telecom company.

Thank you very much and good luck.


From : Howie Brian <>
Sent : Saturday, January 17, 2004 2:21 PM
To :
Subject : Fwd:

Note: forwarded message attached.

I really wonder why do some people read Arabtimes if they know it is a "well-known Zionist site"?

From: tiger altiger <>
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 11:34 AM
for your information
Arabtimes is a well known zionest site ..... Israel secert agents

all the people who write on this site are Zionest They use arabic names and addresses to cheat.... they use chat and create arabic sites

From : feedback <>
Reply-To : "feedback" <>
Sent : Friday, January 16, 2004 12:32 AM
To : <>
Subject : Taleed indeed

Dear Dr Fawzi
I have noticed a 'hidden message' that every Arab Times employee makes sure is there.
Straight to the point, you guys, feel so insecure as well as the complex of not belonging to anywhere in this world.
Your insecurity is shown in your hostility to every Arabic or Islamic value, figure or even heritage.
This anti Arabic/Islamic sentiment is the message to the Jews and the FBI that you are good boys and uncle Toms,so please don't include us in your persecution campaign.
I am going to give you an advice: one day once your usefulness has expired, they will get you as well.
and if you happen to die before that day, then Allah will get you, for you have been rebellious (Fussaq) or according to your own word (Mushallet)

From : abed abed <>
Sent : Thursday, January 15, 2004 8:59 AM
To :
Subject : What is going here?

Dear sair
Iam so sad to tell you that you are and your magazine were against Islamic religion.
If you read what you wrote in your magazine you will find that almost all the assays were against Islam.

you have ;unfortunately,sir changed your stratigy to be against Islam and to give the chance for those people who have no thing ecept attacking Islam .
I respect your opinion that you hate Al Qardawy,but you can attack him personally not to attack him through Islam.

look sir what you have puplished ,e.g from this named Dr.Ziad in the first page ,do you thing that the travel to the space is different from the travel to any place?.No ,the same rules applied here and here.Our religion says that even to Hajj the women must have Mahram.
I dont know why the people respects their religions and their scholars except us.

Personaly,I had sent to you a letter since long time ,which was an answer for this (new islam attacker)Ibrahim Al jundy,and you have not puplished it.In contrast this ew foul smelling letter from Dr.Zyad was fully respected by you and you also translated it to be read from all the people.

I think what you do here is wrong and will affect your accurecy fro the readers.
Hope to change your strategy against Islam
Bst wishes

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