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From : "Free Arab" <>
To : <>
Date : Thu, 30 Oct 2003 17:27:08 +0100

I'm writing to Arabtimes for the first time although i read it everyday,, I would like to say that what Abu rawabi said is unaccepted since he cussed and used bad words and mis expressed his point f view but the reply from Fawwaz is still worse, that was too much,, I hate the arabic retrded regimes and all suffered a lot from them but this doesn't mean that we say Long live and LOVe USA,, what the hell is that,, What is this USA,, it's a police country with a democratic mask,, Guys, wake up,, take it easy,, struggle against the bad never justifies being a slave to the real enemy who took our freedom and dignity,,isn't it the CIA which keeps those rulers on their chairs??
let's be more realistic and stop buying the ringing words we hear from the west.

From : "fefeee fofooo" <>
To :
Date : Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:00:34 +0000

Dear Arab Time,

Have you got any information about The Rotary Club in Amman, Jordan? Is it true when my German friend said to me last week The Rotary Club is A Masonic Club and it is belong to the Jewish community? And by the way a lot of Palestinian, Jordanian and Arabs people in Amman are members.

Nasser Ali
Munich - Germany

From : "Khalil Talal" <>
To :
Date : Sun, 02 Nov 2003 07:01:08 +0000

I have asked some relatives who work in the palestinian goverment about Dr. Osama Fawzi. They replied that he is a ratheel and has no ethics in his writing concerning the Palestinian-Israeli situation, this is even though they are considered one of the best people in the goverment in terms of honesty and work.
I assume that the Dr. Osama's witings are not flaud and are based on inside resources of the Palestinian goverment...else how could he have got secret information concerning the the PLO especially yasser arafat?

PS. Is it possible for ArabTimes to write about Khalil El-Wazir and get information about what he exactly did as the chief of command of the palestinian fighters?
From : "Kamaran Saied" <>
To : <>
Subject : A BIG JOKE
Date : Mon, 3 Nov 2003 10:04:44 +0100 (MET)

Dear Sirs
Kurdish Bank, Joesh Money and Arab Earth.It is very funny and also dangerous. The problem is the Arab people has only the same speach, Israel + America + Devil. The Arabs thinking and handling only from one corner and in the same area, they have not a courage to face the truth and handling correctly.
When the Kurdish people facing death every where and facing a genocide inall 4 parts, We did not seen any Arab with the name of Islam to talk about the Kurdish.
Now the Arabs are puting the Kurdish in Iraq under the Microscoupe to findmistakes or anything.
But unfortunately now the Kurdish people are thinking about the Arab in middle and South of Iraq because they are brave and have courage to face the truth.
These Countries (IRAQ,IRAN,TURKEY&SYRIA) means Arab,Turk & Persian people they are always against each other but they are only together in the case of Kurds and I do not know why they are afraid of Kurdish people.
Maybe because they know very clearly that the oldest History and Cultur are from the Kurds in this area and they have  a reason to look forward and no more chance for the Diktators or bad regims like what existing now in the neibor Countries.

From : "O S" <>
To :
Subject : Articles of Ibrahim El-Gendy
Date : Tue, 04 Nov 2003 10:03:40 +0200

Dear Arab Times,
I'm a regular visitor to your site and I have rarely objected to anything you have published, till I started reading some articles for an Egyptian journalist called Ibrahim El-Gendy. I was very disturbed by his articles especially the one about the Arab woman.
He explicitly crossed red lines regarding the Islamic religion.
I don't care about him or others that write these things because they are many, but what upsets me is that he uses Arab Times as a publisher for his stuff.
When Allah (the creator of woman) says in the holy Quraan (surat Mariam): "and Male is not like a Female", he Almighty knows better than Mr. Gendy and his fellows what's proper for a woman and what's not. besides, Arab women don't need guys like him in order to liberate them !
I'd like you to be more responsible for what's being published at your site, and accept my whole respect.

From : belal <>
To :
Subject : dear Osama Fawzi...
Date : Mon, 20 Oct 2003 19:40:59 -0700 (PDT)

to all and most wonderful greetings that could be mentioned for your bravery work in gathering all this Information about Yassir 3arafat and his origin and life time history.. I've always wondered what happened to the Palestinians in Kuwait since i was one of them and always heard stories about conspiracies and what not...I did hear however about the fact that there was Israeli involvement to get rid of rich supportive Palestinians in Kuwait and what happened happened. It sure did make a lot of sense assuming that's exactly what happened. Yi3teek 2il3afya ya zalama.

Salamo 3alikum
Belal El-ashi
From : Ayef Al-Tanak <>
To :
Subject : ENJOY
Date : Wed, 29 Oct 2003 08:00:08 -0800 (PST)

Three decades after the Yom Kippur War, Ashraf Marwan has been all but revealed as Israel's secret savior - or was he its most cunning betrayer? Abraham Rabinovich is presently writing a book on the Yom Kippur War.
Almost 30 years after the Yom Kippur War, an answer has been offered to the most intriguing mystery remaining from that epic event - who warned Israel of the impending attack at almost the last moment?

An Israeli historian living in England, Dr. Aharon Bregman has named the agent as none other than Ashraf Marwan, son-in-law of former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. Still a prominent figure in the Egyptian establishment, Marwan was then a member of the inner circle around Nasser's successor, Anwar Sadat.

Bregman contends that Marwan was actually a double agent who was serving Egypt at a time when Israel considered him a super spy on its behalf. It is a contention that will doubtless raise numerous eyebrows in Israel.

"The Source," as the agent is referred to in the report written by the Agranat Commission of inquiry into the war, was a "walk-in" who entered an Israeli embassy in a European capital in 1969 and offered his services for cash. Such an offer would naturally be received with suspicion, but the Mossad concluded after an extensive check that whatever his motives, the man was not a double agent. The information he provided in the coming years on Egypt and the Arab world would be reckoned priceless by the heads of Israel's intelligence community and defense minister Moshe Dayan.

In his book The Watchman who Slept, Uri Bar-Yosef notes that The Source's reports were considered so valuable that instead of being summed up by military intelligence along with other reports, they were distributed in their entirety to the top political and military leadership. The bulk of the information he provided proved accurate, but he was sometimes wrong, as in December 1972 and the spring of 1973, when he warned of war which did not come.

It was The Source who informed Israel that Sadat would not go to war until he had acquired long-range bombers that could hit Israeli airbases and Scud missiles that could serve as a deterrent against Israeli strikes at the Egyptian heartland. This came to be known in Israel as "the concept" - Sadat's concept - which in turn became the basis of an Israeli belief that there was no danger of war with Egypt until those conditions had been met. Thus, despite mounting signs of Arab war preparations in the period preceding Yom Kippur 1973, the head of Israel's military intelligence branch, Gen. Eli Zeira, insisted that Egypt was not going to war because it had only one squadron of long-range bombers and no operational Scuds.

By late 1972, however, Sadat had abandoned "the concept." Instead of waiting for the Soviets to provide long-range bombers and Scuds, he decided to stage a limited attack into western Sinai in order to shatter the status quo and spur the international community to set a political process in motion that would end with Israel's return to the international border. The Source failed to notify Israel of this change in policy, either because he was unaware of it or, as the double-agent school might contend, because he was part of the Egyptian deception.

Gen. Zeira, in a book published 10 years ago, was the first to express the belief that The Source was a double agent who had lulled Israel into believing Egypt would not go to war. Zeira noted The Source's two earlier false reports of war, and the fact that his final warning, on the eve of Yom Kippur, left insufficient time, in the Egyptian view, for the IDF to mobilize.

Zeira's critics say his double-agent theory is a transparent attempt to shift blame from himself to the Mossad, which "ran" The Source and certified his legitimacy. Zeira was forced to leave the army as a result of the Agranat Commission's findings. He subsequently developed a successful career as an adviser on intelligence matters to foreign governments.

IT IS known that The Source contacted his case officer in the European capital Thursday evening, October 4, some 40 hours before Egypt and Syria launched their attack. He asked to meet with the head of the Mossad, Zvi Zamir, and let drop a code word for war. Zamir flew to Europe on Friday, and met that night with The Source, who said war would break out at dusk the next day, about 6 p.m., and spelled out changes in the Egyptian war plan - a plan which was known to Israel. It was Zamir's phone call to Israel in the early hours of Yom Kippur morning that set the alarm bells ringing. The chief of staff, Gen. David Elazar, was wakened at 4:30 a.m. after prime minister Golda Meir and Dayan had been called, and he ordered the military machine put in motion.

The Source had given the wrong zero hour - the war began at 2 p.m., not 6 p.m. - but zero hour had indeed been 6 p.m., and had been changed only the day before his phone call at a meeting in Damascus between Syrian and Egyptian officers.

Brief as it was, The Source's warning was critical. It gave the Israeli leaders some 10 hours in which to adjust their mindsets to the prospect of imminent war, to start planning and to begin the mobilization process with decorum, not panic.

Had the warning not been received, the Golan Heights would almost certainly have fallen the next day. As it was, hundreds of Syrian tanks broke through the Israeli lines during the night and captured the southern half of the Heights. When they got underway in the morning to complete the job, they found their way blocked by the first Israeli reserve tank units, which had mounted the Heights at dawn. Had it not been for the few hours' warning provided by The Source, there would have been nothing to stop the five Syrian divisions from overrunning the Heights. They would have been able to encircle the Seventh Brigade, which was holding the northern half of the line, and complete their plans to draw up a defense line along the Jordan River at the foot of the Golan to prevent the reserves from mounting.

Had the Golan fallen, it presumably would have obliged the IDF to shift forces northwards from the Egyptian front, where Israeli forces were already reeling - two-thirds of a tank division had been knocked out in the first day's fighting.

That Israel was spared these desperate scenarios - the ones it was experiencing were desperate enough - was due entirely to The Source's warning, which makes it difficult to accept the thesis that he was a double agent.

Bregman first alluded to Marwan in an article he wrote for Yediot Achronot last September and in his book "A History of Israel", when he said The Source was a relative of Nasser and was referred to within the Mossad as "the in-law." Until then, any Israelis in the know had been careful not to allude in any way to the identity of The Source, presumably not to harm him but also not to harm the chances of recruiting other well- placed sources in the future. When word of the article reached the Egyptian media, they deduced that the reference was to Marwan, who had married Nasser's daughter, Muna. He had carried out sensitive diplomatic missions on behalf of the Egyptian government, served as bureau chief for Sadat, and was said to be a liaison between the president and the intelligence services. He has since become a wealthy businessman who owns 3% of the Chelsea soccer team and spends much of his time in London.

The Cairo newspaper Saut al-Uma asked Marwan to comment on the insinuation in the Yediot article.
"An absurd detective story," he replied.

The Al-Ahram newspaper then interviewed Bregman, who confirmed that he had been referring to Marwan. Noting Marwan's dismissive remark, Bregman justified himself by saying "I have to defend my good name as an historian, and I cannot accept this."

Bregman evidently did not think that his allegation would result in Marwan's being strung up in Cairo's Tahrir Square as a traitor, since he portrays him as an Egyptian hero.

"I am one of his greatest admirers," Bregman is quoted in Al- Ahram as saying. "I think that he was a model spy. He was a very professional spy. He succeeded in tricking Israel. He is the person who more than anyone else should be credited with Egypt's success in deceiving Israel before the war."

Bregman does not reveal the source of his allegation, but he is apparently the first person to publicly echo Zeira's double-agent thesis.

The revelation, if such it be, raises the interesting question of a double-agent's role in history. In Egypt, if the Zeira-Bregman thesis is accepted there, he would be honored as the man who brilliantly deceived Israel and set it up for a stunning blow. In Israel, he will be remembered as the man who saved the country from catastrophe.
From : "M W" <>
To :
Subject : hi
Date : Tue, 21 Oct 2003 15:33:23 +1000

Fristly sorry for writing a massege in english but that because my keyboard ia just for english letter because iam living in australia
Secondly i hope that every one know iam not with some one against some one but i think we canot say that syria should fight asrial because we know what wepon asrial have,and for sure there's heaps of people in syria just to see what the best reaction for this time and we shouldnot talk about the only coutry that said no for USA & asrial we should not forget that not same all other presidant like amwer el_saadaat (egypt) and hussien & his son 3bdallah (king of jorden ) and heaps i canot say all of them because they r more than what can i remmber , and no one can forget that ALASAED IS BUILD A GOOD COUNTRY FROM NOTHING ,AND SYRIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IS HAVE NO DEBIT FOR ANY COUNTRY OR INTERNATIONAL BANK
Thirdly sorry for my poor english that's because this is my first year to me in australia and iam just 19 years old
Forthly i hope to read this massege soon in
5th when first time i read this site ( ) i say to my self may be the CIA or FBI sppurot the owner for this magzine but after i read every thing in this site now i feel that,s the owner for this magazine in real arabic person , and know i would like to say bye and take care

From : "Hamed hassan" <>
Reply-To : <>
To : <>
Subject : Muhater Mohamed
Date : Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:58:01 -0500

Let me first thank you so much for your outstanding web site that I used to visit daily a long time ago. This is only for one reason! just to read how people express their own ideas and opinions freely.
Concerning the hot speech of Mr. Muhater Mohamed about who rule the world! In fact I do not agree with him but in the name of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, I think he is free to talk and to express what he feels and think. In the United States, for instance, a plenty of TV programs criticize the policy of the President himself without fear as we can never do or even think to do in our area. On the other hand, I do believe that Jews have the right to condemn what he said! but such condemnation should not pass the level that push every single street man to believe that he was right!

Just some more words I wish to add, Moslems living in the united states are not only drive taxis and open liquor stores but also on the head of the scientific institutions and space research programs and many other areas. They are all working for the interest of the united states because simply they are Americans! They do their best in all fields they work in NOT to the interest of others but to their beloved country USA!

Hamed Hassan, Ph.D
From : Abdullah Abdullah <>
To :
Subject : Queen Rania
Date : Thu, 23 Oct 2003 22:25:16 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Mrs. Arab Times,
First of all i wanna express my appreciation and grateful for your great effort to put  the whole truth and all the facts between hand of all Arabian in Arab world.
Since i was in Jordan i read your newspaper electronically, and when i come to US and check you web site i discover there were a lot of things were forbid of Jordanian people to reading in your web site.
I think there are many Arabic countries that put proxy to filter your web site.
However, your newspaper is very famous and i doubted that hundred of thousand of Arabic people at least hear about it.
Any way, god bless and protect you, keep forward and let us discover how the "Arabic Leader" treason their people.
Something else, About the answer of Queen Rania for Hijab issue, i wanna say her opinion is just garbage, and all what her written "except the Holy Quran" is sucks.

Thank you again.
Minneapolis, MN

From : "munir halwani" <>
To :
Subject : to the falastini guy
Date : Sun, 02 Nov 2003 17:35:16 +0000

2assalam 3alaykom wra7mat 2allah wbarakatoh
i want to tell that falastini who tried to swear at this site that u and ure people and ure fucking president who is just an asswhole and dickhead is not more than tradors and dont deserve to be humanbeing and all wat is happening to them is nothing and in my opinion such people should have more hell and shold feel all the hell they made other people have and espacially the lebanese people. u fucking palestinian made us THE LEBANESE live in hell for 25 years may god never forgive u and make u suffer u and ure fucking yasser 3arafat becoz if i had the chance to kill that asswole i wouldnt say no. fuck u and fuck all ure people and i hope may god make u suffer all except for those palestinian kids who throw rocks and thoe mothers who lose their sons shouhada2 for god those r the only one and the only people who deserve our respect but other than that u and ure presidant and all whom u consider can represent u go all to hell and fuck u and ure president

from the lebbanese people to u asswole
From : "mai khalid" <>
To :
Subject : urgent
Date : Sun, 19 Oct 2003 15:32:33 +0000

Dear respected brothers in Arab times ,
Believing in the loyality of your news paper to its readers , I write to you hoping that you will publish my massage to be read all over the world . It is mainly about the so called palestinian national authority . Whenever anything happens to our brave people in palestine , those people come to say that we condemn what is going on . They used to say this in every meeting they hold in front of media people . The reader or the listener to them thinks that these people are really sad for what is going on . In reality they are not . They did not come to palestine to say that . They only came to improve their personal intrests . Those people built their houses and bought their cars by the palestinian blood . If they collect their salary for twenty years , they will never be able to build such luxurious houses or buy such exspensive cars . They go to arrest those mojahedeen who fight for the benifit of the palestinians and thus making no deffirence between them and our won enemy , the israeli army . They never praised the holy Intifada because they know that this intifada is against their aims . They also do not go against spies who help theh zionists to kill the palestinian militants simply because that they signed in their agreement with the jews that they will not do anything against those spies . You can also ask them , what have you done for the for you people since you came to Palestine ? They will not give a clear answer . So it is better for them to begin by themselves before others . Abu mazen and Dahalan call those mogahedeen extremests the thing that brings shame to those two persons as long as they live . One of those mojahedeen is better that the whole palestinian authority .
I will try to write to later after making sure that you will publish my massage .
Kindly publish my massage
Pardon me foro writing my massage in English as I am writing from outside palestine
Your brother

From : love omer <>
To :
Subject : urgent
Date : Mon, 20 Oct 2003 06:13:55 +0100 (BST)

Dear all ,
It seems clear that a large portion of the Palestinians think that Arafat is better than others in the so called palestinian national authority . The case is not so . Arafat is the head of this gang . The jews before signing oslo agreement with arafat studied the mentality of abau jehad and found that he was loyal to palestine and , therefore , they killed him to clear the path to arafat to take the responsilblity of the new government . If the jews , who planned for the establishment of their state fifty years before coming to palestine , knew that arafat or his government will one day cause any harm to them , they would not have let them get into palestine . It is better for the palestinians to understand what is going on before it is too late
I wish that the Arabtimes publishes this for the benifit of the palestinian people
I request the arabtimes not to publish this e-mail address

From : <>
To : <>
Subject : What is KinderUSA and its real motives?
Date : Sun, 2 Nov 2003 13:06:00 -0500

I just wanted to know what kind of organization is KinderUSA. Is it true the
money people donate in North America to poor Palestinians or their kids through
the previously mentioned company does actually go to the needy ones? Are there
any question marks around this organization and its book keepings? Please

Thank you,

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