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Date: 11/21/02 3:55:01 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Khalid Itum)

To Whom It May Concern at Arab Times:

My name is Khalid Itum and I am a student of International Relations studying abroad in the United States. I have written an Op-Ed (Ara'a) piece in English on the latest suicide bombing in Jerusalem, and am attaching it for you for your consideration to include it in the Opinion Section of your newspaper and your internet version as well. It would be great if you would be able to translate it to Arabic for the Arabic newspaper.

Please let me know if you choose to include it in your newspaper and if you also choose to translate it and include it in your parent newspaper newspaper, both print and internet editions. Also, I would appreciate it if you could inform me of the date that it will be printed (if you choose to print it) so that I can be sure to try to get a copy.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Khalid Itum

Khalid Shaher Itum ,

1239 Vermont Avenue; Suite 503
Washington, DC 20005

Home #: 202-789-1838

Date: 11/21/02 11:16:13 AM Central Standard Time
From: (3mran 3li)

Dear Arabtimes,

I have always been proud of my country, the United Arab Emirates. However  hearing those stories about our sheikhs, embassedors and other leaders  really made me think, is this a country I would like to serve and work all  my life for?

I know our leaders may not be the best, but some leaders and people with  high positions, like my father have really accomplished a lot, and spent  most of their young years studying at college and gaining their degrees to  be where they are now.

I know that whatever you write is probably true and as much as I would hate  to know this reality, I would still urge you people to continue doing it.  But I still urge you all to consider writing some good stories about some  leaders who are doing a great job in our society. Sheikh of Sharjah for  example, You have never spoke about him and his accomplishments? Good  ministers of our country too? You're Magazine lacks positive news and  stories about UAE. And If you really want to make a change in the arab  society, then please give us readers some hope, someone to look up to and be  proud of.

I'm so ashamed of some of my country's leaders, and the new generation which  includes me WILL make some essential changes and WILL change the world's  views of our country and WILL accomplish what hasn't been accomplished by  the old generation.

Omran alsharhan

Subj: Ma'an city
Date: 11/24/02 1:41:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Mohamed Nezami)

Dear Sir:

As a Jordanian living Ma'an with no liberty to say and write what is on my mind, I condemn the Jordanian military dictator regime for its violation of human rights and the uncivilized use of power to oppress civilians who are showing discomfort with a regime that is unconstitutional. Not only these towns in southern Jordan have been reduced to Gettos and unofficial camps as a result of the failure of the Hashimte regime, but now the Hashimite palace sends its US made weapons and its Virginia trained special forces to oppress these people while on a 12 hour fast for the creator of all things on this planet.

What is even more sickening is those government spokesmen who make these outrages stories of people
being wanted on drugs, corruption, and terror. Even more silly are these 50 years old guns that were collected from houses, most of which are kept as trophies and never even had ammunitions in them.  These individuals are insulting the minds of million of people with these silly made up stories including their bosses in the white house.

I assure you sir that there are no terrorists in this little village, and that the only drug and corruption lords in Jordan are those who are close to the king, part of his family and the his bureaucrats. They like the former palace main man and the secret service head who stole 150 Million US$ which is equal to stealing 150 Trillions form the US treasury for a country the size of Jordan, and only they are the ones who shouldbe on trial for crimes against humanity.

For the last 10 years, the Jordanian people have been subjected to an unnecessary severe economical conditions and a total absence of liberty, all for the sake that the Hashimite regime can cover up its decades of corruption and failure to do its job as a leader, and for the fact that it could not establish itself using the people's approval, but only under a gun and an informer pointed at every citizen. The only thing that This regime had been able to do is protect the Israeli broader for Arab and Muslims, and for that the US and Europe have covered its crimes for decades. The current king has allowed his armed forces and police again and again to oppress his people, he and his regime now stand at no approval from the people, this leaves him and his rich layer with only the approval of the USA, and that can only be guaranteed for the duration of that valuable service he is offering the current US government. The American people may not be aware that all of the army training and army aid that Jordan get ends up being used to as a tool for oppression, a regime that is blackmailing a total of 4 million citizens and treating them like slaves in private farm for a king and dozen elite.

Jordan now with no parliament, and with a layer of bureaucrats surrounding the king competing to lie and
deal with all illegal manners to accumulate wealth will soon be a problem for the US and the civilized world. Its people may snap and revolt any time, and again like the scenario in Iran, the USA will be guilty for helping a king stay in power despite his regimes continual oppression.

History has always shown that kings and emperors who ruled by oppression will not last nor will those who guaranteed its existence. I assure you sir, that this shall be the spark from which the liberation of our 4 million people will come,


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