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Date: 9/6/02 11:30:12 Egypt Daylight Time
From: (albudri wahab)

I am an avid reader of Arab Times and very much enjoy your articles, however, recently I have noticed that your articles started resembling articles and words I used to hear and read from middle-eastern official newspapers and T.V stations. Why is it we always talk about women as if they are creatures from outer space, we are ALL produced from women. Articles upon articles about prostitution, and how it is against Islam this and Islam that, and each writer try thier best to convince us that its bad according to qoran thais and qoran that and they always try to sound more convinencing than the previous speaker. Has it occured to you that perhaps we dont all agree with religion, I for one, born as a muslim but dont follow this out-dated religion nor do I follow any religion for that matter, yet to try and voice an openion without relegious references is always considered as blaphamy against Islam. The other day a Nigerian woman has been sentenced to death (by stoning) .. because she has an illegitimate child .. so what for god sake .. no wonder the world hate us . what a lot of crap this religion business is. I am married, have children, look after my family & support my parents and always try to be helpful to others, but I dont
pray, fast, go to Mecca, or do all the crap these bearded idiots always tell me to do ..

I am tired of reading articles where writers jump on thier white horse pretending to know more than we do.  I guess the point I am trying to make is that relegion seem to be the root of our problems and its used in many different contents to serve a particular purpose, this is something the western world had to go through some 300-400 years ago where due to its being out dated, releion was separated from other aspects of life .. if you want to be relgious then fine but dont push it down my throat. Whilst we are ruled by religion we will not go forward. Democracy will be hampered .. watch my words.

I do realise that my voice is one of very few as I am a non-believer, fasiq, kafir, and all these crap words
we describe people with when they dont share our religous beliefs.

Best Regards

Al-Kafir Wahab

Subj: from Jenin -west bank -palestine
Date: 9/7/02 09:50:59 Egypt Daylight Time
From: (lele hassan)

We look for you since along time .we are a big family in jenin ,we lost every thing , we are looking for only food and commdation ,we are looking for arab american people to support us like the people who are living with us( israel people) since 10 day no school for children ,no work for the father of the children ,no maney with the people ,to whom we want to talk .?


Name:Hassan and family
Jenin -west bank -palestine

Subj: request
Date: 9/16/02 02:06:08 Egypt Daylight Time
From: (kamal sharbain)

Dear Sir,

We thank you and appreciate all the efforts for keeping Arabtimes an independable source of information about the latest news arab community cares to know .

I would love to read more articles about more of those like Tojan Alfaisal in the arab world ! those who said and still saying no ,those who stood and still standing against the flow to remind us that there is hope and there is nobody but GOD we should fear .

Thank you.

Subj: Circassian Embassy in Switzerland
Date: 8/19/02 09:23:37 Egypt Daylight Time
To: (ARAB Press)

I appreciate so much your concern about our country, and as a Jordanian who  loves his country and want only the best for its people, I feel so sad and  disappointed that our embassy in Bern/ Switzeralnd has nothing to do with  our country. The ambassador, the diplomat and some of the staff are  circassian and treat the real jordanian as pull shit. So whenever I need any  thing from my Embassy I feel if I was going to the Russian Embassy due to  the way the treat Jordanians (If you are palestinian then you are damned  forever). The flag of Jordan can never be seen in Bern, the only country who  doesnt place his flag on his embassy or on the residence of the ambassador  is our country. (I think they feel ashamed of placing the flag of Jordan on  the Embassy). In their private saloons they dont even recognize that they  are Jordanians and they talk so badly about us (arabs). You can see them  with their famillies walking around with Diplomatic cars (that you and I pay  for them)bahing very badly. Many times I saw the car of the embassy in front  of the most horrible cabarets and casinos in Berne. Try to apply for any  document to see with whome you are dealing. Or try to visit our embassy to  figure out that it has nothing to do with Jordan. I wonder how the ministry  of foreing affaires can appoint so many circassian in one place. I knew the  secret, the one who appoints them is circassian to, for what he knows about  his corrupt people and how they hate working, he choses them to places where  they have to move their asses. They come to Switzerland only to suck money. 

A doctor in a Swiss hospital he was very astonished to see the wife of one  diplomat comming to Bern only to do a small operation that would cost only  50 JDS in Jordan, here Jordan paid for them 5000 JDS!!!!! It is only a small  example of the many corruption crimes that they commit by the Name of the 
They are destroying the image of our country. Swiss people love our country  till they come to the emabssy or contact them, then they flee out especially 
if they are women.
COntact any Jordanian in Switzerland he will confirm these information. Jordan needs honest people to protect it, not mercionaries and vampires who  have their account in foreing banks and will shift to the one who will pay more in the future. Poor Jordan!!!!!

Subj: From Hassan Zaidan -Jenin -Palestine
Date: 10/07/1423 2:23:13 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (lele hassan)

Dear Dr:Asam Fawzy:
I hope you and your stuff in good health .
This is Hassan Zaidan from jenin -west bank looking for Arab Amirecan People to help us with same funds we are since 28 month with out job ,without money ,without food ,without without ..............etc .
so,in one dolar we live two days by eating grass like animal .
we look to see your name in jenin like your name in the news paper ,or send us the names of reach people who can help us ,but we think your name is enagh for 10 families .
our e-mail:
Name:Hassan Zaidan.
Jenin -west bank -Palestine.
we thank you again if you call us

Subj: Dr.Osama .... URGENT >>> S.O.S
Date: 15/07/1423 3:59:48 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Iyad Bashir Maqboul)

Dear Dr. Osama , 
I don't know if this letter will come to you , but I hope to .

I'm a Palestinian student from nablus city , studying medicine in ukraine and living there for that purpose , I have 4 brothers and all of them now not workers because of the situation in Nablus as you know , my father's 78 year and he has the Parkinson illness . I asked hundreds of the orginization to help me finencialkly but uselless . I tried hard to get any penny from our embassy in Ukraine or the Palestian Studen Unoin , but the answer was always THERE IS NO MONEY EVEN FOR THE SELLERY . I really don't know what to do , I wondered if you can help me cuz if I didn't bye the tuition for the university and didn't have something to live from , I will not get regestration and I will be forced to leave ukraine and where to go ??????????? .

Dr. Osama , I'm ready to send any document you ask for to imrove that , pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls try to understand my situation and to help me even if you can send address someone to writr to in the U.S , I will be thankfull.

Thanks lot

Iyad Bashir Maqboul 
Kharkov city

Subj: about alfasi to mr.osama faouze
Date: 19/07/1423 2:54:10 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (mai alfas)

salam at first to the gratest writer
my name is mai al fas
i am from alfasi family but what the hill of this family i didn't know  anything about them antil i read you'r report my father is engenyr and my  grandfather he was in the army but now he is dead and i didn't know anything  from him but i leav in syria and my family also so my father don't know  anything about his family cause he born insyr also i am so sad to hear that  my family is shit and they don't have any of right person in them and also i want more informatins about them and if u know that they have any good news just tell me about it pleasand i want to thak u about all the political news it is so good and they have humar also thank u about all you'r writersmai

Date: 20/07/1423 7:21:16 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (adal mohammed)

I have this problem and I need your help...It started befor one year ago when my mom brought a swimming trainer for my small sisters (5&6 years) and I didn't have any problem with that but after few months my mother start to change I mean she stoped ask about us and most of the time she sit with him alot and she doesn't care about us any more (me,my sisters)...
my old siter she is 20 years old noticed that...and from that day the problems started in our house.....
My dad he do not know anything about us he travils alot and there is problems between him and my mom but he lives with us .......
about my old sister she thought that there is affair between my mom and the trainer so she wathched thim..
My sister couldn't like this any more so she told my grandmother and one day with out any one know my mom and the trainer were alone in our swimming room in the garden abuot 12 o'clock my grandmother saw them togather so she slap the trainer and he went out the house after few days he came back .....
my sister and my grandmother told my dad what is happining but he didn't beleve them and he hit my sister and showted to her and he said to her to stop lieing .....all this things happend and I did not know that except after a while.......but I knew that there is problems but I do not know the details......
After 3 months my sister got engagt and after 2 months she got marred .....and she traviled to Canada and is living there .......
after a while my brother saw my mom wearing her nightgown and the trainer where with her ......he got mad and start to hate her......
and then i start to understand everything and specially when I saw her with my eyes .I did not tell anyone that Aunts knew every thing and my mom do not want me to go with them....because she don't want me to know the truth....after this summer when I came back from my summer school my mom wasn't in jeddah that is were I live she travild the day I arraived my dad was here...
After 1 week she came back and after another week she travild ...while she wasn't in jeddah I knew everything our servant saw everything and told me ......
when my mother and my dad came from there trip I couldn't keep anything so I told my mom that and she told me that it is not true and She convinced my dad that all this is lies ......
He start to hit me by a whip and he told me to go out the house I told him that I'll go but when I want to go my mom told him not to let me after 10 Minutes she came to my room and told me that I can not go to school ...and she told me to go out of my house she took my shoes and I was barefoot but my dad did not let me go
when the lunch time came they were eating and in this time I ran away because they hit me by the whip and they hit me to the wall and I could not stand that.....
so ARABTIME I need your help to tell me what to do ...
and I really want to go to the U.S.A to live there it is better than living here ........I really need your help please help me please answer me

please help me I really need your help please please please help me please please 
my name is ADAL 


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