رسالة مفتوحة من جمال المعاني الى ملك الاردن

July 11 2011 17:05

Dear Dr Fawzi
I thank you so very much for publishing my first open letter to Abdullah the Second. He does not seem to be listening and I wish you publish my second open letter

To the one called AbduAllah the Second of Jordan. This is my second letter addressed to you. I am glad that you took a short vacation to Croatia and came back but with no intention to do any changes in the country.The following are some demands and not suggestions as I addressed them to you in my first letter 

You must and now stop the dogs in the intelligence shit (intelligence department)  from interfering with the people’s lives. They need only to focus on their security Job and protecting the homeland and maybe spying for other intelligence departments. A Jordanian citizen must not be banned from entering his country or forced to leave no matter what the reason is. There are courts that handle these issues. The Jordanian citizen MUST not get any documents from this shitty department to renew his passport and or get a JOB. This is a free market and let the hiring place do that. Also follow the American system of doing a background check by a private company for each Goverenate in the Kingdom. Remember AlBatikhee, the thief who stole millions of dollars and you let him out to England, he now opened one of these consulting companies from the money he stole. The intelligence department needs to stop paying scholarships to professors who later became agents and they became heads of departments and Presidents of universities. You need some names of those who were sent out on the expense of the department and later became presidents of universities. I will give you some 

All presidents of Jordanian universities are of the above type, this is why most of our universities never moved forward and in fact they are getting worse. To have an agent run a university is pathetic. The presidents should not be appointed, but rather should be chosen by the faculty, staff and students based on qualifications 

Please do instruct the department to sop wasting money on agents to write all over the place of how you are being loved and the people are loyal to you. Check with the head of the department about an agent called Khalid Ald3jja. He writes lies all over the place. The Jordanian people are not loyal and this hypocrisy game needs to end. If the people are loyal and love you, then they need to go out spontaneously, which they don't 

You must NOT choose any thief or a previous thief as a prime minister, you hear me idiot. The people are fed up with you and the thieves you put your trust in. You only put your trust in them because they serve you and your wife. This Bakheet is a damn idiot and if you think you are smart then you are not. You pick prime ministers from tribes thinking that the other Jordanian tribes will stay silent. Wrong Baba, We do not give a damn anymore. Tribalism has ended and qualifications have to come in. Stop playing this dirty game because if you continue we will uproot you and your whole regime and through in the trash. literally 

The following names Must be banned from government positions and now: Maroof al Bakhet (Known as the idiot general), Abed Alr2oof al Rawabdah (known as the thief of Amant Amman), Faisal el Fayez (known as the ugly sheep of Bani Sakher), Abu Ragheb (known as the insurance thief), Sameer Alrfa3ee and his father Zaid are the worst criminals in the history of Jordan. Not to forget the Audi brothers
abed el Hadi, and abed asslam

 You need to instruct the foreign minister to instruct the embassies to take care of the Jordanians abroad or otherwise will do to them what has been done by the Libyan’s and the Syrians. These embassies are pieces of shitHurry up and dissolve the parliament. It is a piece of junk and will be adding to the collapse of your regime soon

Dissolve the bunch of losers in the Senates who use their thumbs to agree on everything you do. Those are not senates those are thieves just like you but on a lower scale. You throw them out and let the people elect their Senates. Also what the hell do they do. They never worked like the Senates in the rest of the world

We Jordanians abroad are so unhappy with the way you run the country, we are also tried of you coming to bullshit the Americans and to paint a pretty picture to them bout Jordan so you can get more money and then steal that money. We will start demanding that the State Department asks you to report every penny that is sent to Jordan. I am not joking and we will demand a yearly report of where the money goes

You must put all the money back that you and your wife have stolen from the money sent to Jordan. That money was not a bribe, as you like think, that money is an aid for the country to get better. You, your wife, her bothers and the thieves you are using will be punished badly by the Jordanian people for every penny you stole
I am going to repeat that gay son of yours must not be a crown prince. He looks like an idiot and if he takes over the country will get messed up. Enough of you and your family. It is a long time of treason. We in fact decided not to accept any monarchy any more
The Jordanian people are able to rule themselves. There are so many Jordanians who can take over the power and rule the country beautifully. The lie that a tribal war could break in is old and can not be used anymore

The Palestinians and everyone who lives in Jordan need to be used to work for the country. They need to be given every opportunity to improve and move forward. Jordan is like America. Many people who came to America were given the chance to better themselves as long as they are loyal to the land. You do not seem to be benefiting from the ideas in the west at all. You think the Jordanian people are idiots ha

Your visits to the tribes won’t do you any good because it is not those sheikhs you bought with money who decides. The youth are in control. The Sheikhs are a bunch of thugs who work for their interest. We have seen them running to welcome you like dogs

The change will come from the YOUTH and you watch. We accept nothing less than full control of the government and running the affairs of the country. NO to old thieves and YOU

Be fast and do honest changes or else… This is not a threat but a warning before it is too lateThe Muslim brotherhood is a bunch of thieves used by you and the intelligence department to silence the true voice of the Jordanians. You have used them very well to get sympathy and turn the people from demanding changes to follow you and your thugs. This is an old dirty trick

The Jordanian people are aware of your game and the fear of the Muslim brotherhood. Even the west is not taking that lie anymore. Our demands are coming from our needs and the life we wish to live

Jordan has so many resources that can be used to benefit the people, so stop playing this game of begging to keep Jordan under the control of others. If you have to beg, then make sure that the money goes directly to the treasury and not to your offshore

accountsJordan is not a farm for you and your family. Jordan is for all and we will bring it back as it used to beJordan is not going in the right direction as you have claimed recently. Jordan is stuck and you are lying to yourself. Few visits here and there will not solve the problem. If there is no decent life, revolt is imminent

Read my letter very carefully, print it out and follow the steps. It is a recipe for a good change. If you fail to do so, we will not forgive youIf you are NOT up to the job, then quit. You have millions that will make you happy the rest of your life

Remember it is a short life and whatever you collect will stay and you will ultimately leave. I figured, you are of the Hashimite then you would believe in the Day of Judgment. I guess not
I wish you leave office before they throw you out

Best regards Abdullah the last maybe

Jamal M3anee