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10 January 2016

خرج الشاعر عبداللطيف أحمد فؤاد من جامعة المنصورة و معه ليسانس الآداب قسم اللغة الانجليزية و آدابها فى عام 1997.

يعمل بالتدريس فى وزارة التربية و التعليم المصرية فى الدقهلية السنبلاوين

و لى عدة دواوين شعر انجليزية و عربية.

خمسة دواوين اليكترونية 4 عربية

و آخر انجليزى هو

Love and blood in the Middle East

و نشرت ديوانين ورقييه آخرين. العربى هو توأم الشمس.

و الانجليزى هو

The immortal love tears

و تحت الطبع ديوان انجليزى ضخم هو

Vitamin U.

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أبو أحمد المصري الدمياطي و تبي أحمد الأثيوبي
EGYPT and Ethiopia ( Abo Ahmed and Abee Ahmed):-
The ruler of the black jewelery  drinks babies blood in golden cup.
And men of Egypt help  and helped he needy and will help.
Under my shadow without nonstop.
And I feed the world  golden fruit from my skyshop

Abo Ahmed , do not be sad and do not be angry.
This is a fate and next year is so near , it is not a century.

If there is a saddness point in your chest, next year will be feasts.
And the happy hours are seconds in our countries.

Nowadays, the wolves steal the lions food.
The babies since the tyrant search for drop of milk in our heartland.

The tears of the cleverest cover from my feet to Switherland.
And the laugh of the worst is heard in the sky of theft and and graves of mankind.

Tell your son to fight day and night to build lion castles.
Even the wolves betray you years and years.

My son Ahmed. Your works are stolen .
 But you are the hero, the unique  knight since you were ten.

You will be the minister of the policemen.
To you the stars, the ladies will run.

The American adminstration will ask for the help of China and France..
To light the war against the knig of mountains.
My green poetry is the beauty and the wisdom of the hearts.
The tyrant of Etiopia burns alive mothers and babies.
Written by Abdelltif Ahmed Fouad

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