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قطر والارهاب في اوروبا

Qatar and terrorism in Europe?


Terrorism is not only in the Middle East but also in Europe and terrorist attacks in Europe is on the news every day. It is true that terrorism is also taking over Europe” and what we have seen of these terrorist acts confirm that President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt was correct when he, 4 years ago, warned that world that terrorism will attack Europe. He called on the world to get together to fight and annihilate terrorism. Over the past few years al-Sisi is fighting terrorism in Saini with all capacities and available means. With its capacitates Egypt could contain terrorism in Saini despite the support that terrorists get from other countries.  Egypt is achieving progress day after day at all levels from fighting terrorism to political, economic and Social reforms.  

 At the Arab-Islamic-American Summit, which heled in Riyadh 20-21 May 2017, President al-Sisi gave a powerful speech. In front of leaders of more than 50 Muslim Countries and President Trump of the United States President al-Sisi outlined specific four important elements that should be implemented to annihilate terrorism in the world. This speech had been agreed upon by the world nations and accepted as a document by the Security Council.

focussing on one of these elements, President al-Sis said, “it is not possible to reduce the confrontation to one or two organizations; all terrorist organizations are active on a cancerous network and are interconnected in most parts of the world by numerous bonds, including ideology, funding, as well as military, security and information sharing…”

So, terrorists are not only al-Qaeda or ISIS or any of those terrorist groups, for instance. As al-Sisi said are not those who carry weapons but also those who provides them with arms, Ideological training, medical support, funding, and media coverage as well as political and ideological cover.  

President al-Sisi also asked “where are the safe heavens that are offered for terrorist organizations to train their fighters, treat their wounded, and make changes and replacements of their equipment? Who buys form them the natural sources they control, like oil? Who is involved with them in the tread of antiquities and narcotics? Where do they receive the financial donations from? How are they offered media presence through media outlets that have accepted to become a propaganda platform for terrorist organizations?

While Europe didn’t act, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other countries took the initiative and did what the world countries should do long time ago. They are fighting terrorism militarily and have cut relations with Qatar and its Al-Jazeera media.

The question here is what is the link between Qatar and the terrorist attacks in London and Europe? Qatar supports terrorist organizations including Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.

Qatar spent 64.2 billion Dollar on terrorism in the period from 2010 to 2015. There are documents confirm that in 2012 Qatar increased its funds for terrorism to 11.4 billion Dollar and this increased in the 2013 to 12.2 billion Dollar and increased in 2014 to 12.6 billon Dollar.


In Europe and specially in Britain Muslim Brotherhood is very active and raised their second and third generations to act in this terrorist way that the world have seen in France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, and Russia.

 The Manchester perpetrator and his father are Muslim Brotherhood. Also, Britain Police arrested Zuhayr Khalid Nasrat who is a Muslim Brotherhood. What Britain Government did with its report about Muslim Brotherhood which has been completed during Dived Cameron the former Prim-minster? In Britain, authorities are aware of al-Maqrizi Centre which was established by Bin Laden and manged by one of the terrorists who killed President Sadat of Egypt? What this Centre is doing there? What this centre will add to the culture and civilization of Britain?

Similarly, what the Global Media Centre of the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in London? Is this promoting Britain Values or Muslim Brotherhood Ideology? What the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Amanatull al-Iman Society” is doing in London. They use titles like these of social and charity implications to cover-up the actual activities. The behaviour of the Muslim Brotherhood in radicalism and terrorism is known and documented by these the excellent research centres in London.

These centres are aware that Bin Laden and his dubiety Ayman al-Zawahiri the current leader of al-Qaeda together with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the Leader of ISIS all were ideologically and militarily trained at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood? This was admitted by the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideologue Shaykh al-Qaradawi in Qatar. So, wat the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in London?

Why London does not repatriate those Egyptian terrorists who have been accused by the court in Egypt? Egypt called on Britain to hand them over through the Interpol but Britain is interesting in them. So, good luck with them London?

We should also be aware that the Italian island Milan is full of Islamists and former terrorists from Egypt. They involved in terrorism in Egypt and several them involved in the assassination of President Sadat.

Having said this, I would conclude that the attacks in Landon, France, Germany, Italy (Milan) and Europe is not the last. So, when we hear about a terrorist acts her or there in any of these European countries we should remember these facts which outlined above.

More terrorism is coming in Europe unless Europe wake up. These cities are centres for terrorists and should be dealt with as outlined in the document of president al-Sisi of Egypt.   


Professor Sayed Khatab

Monash University


Saleem   Liberal scum are to blame in Europe and US   June 7, 2017 1:05 PM
Liberal mindset is like cancer that has taken over many of the media, education, government structure, judiciary have crippled the ability of sane people of acting and stopping these radical muslim terrorist from getting into their countries. Every time someone tries to act or pass a law it is immediately thrown in courts for years and protesters are out in the street. Media opens the waves to nutcases to start calling those trying all kind of names like racist, Islamophobic, etc. It is a vicious cycle.

Greg   Sisi's justification is false   June 7, 2017 2:16 PM
Sisi didn't fight terrorism, he cultivates terrorism. I am no defending hopeless Morsi. Sisi fights and kills not terrorists, because he and members of his govt are corrupt. Fighting terrorism is good camouflage for such dictators as Sisi.

سجل أنا عربي... علماني، ديموقراطي!   د. سيد...   June 8, 2017 2:25 PM
... أولآ، ليس فقط "الإخوان المسلمون" منظمة إرهابية، بل كل أطياف "الإسلام السياسي" وأولها طبعآ والدته الشرعية: "الوهابية"! ثانيآ، ليس فقط عيال ثاني (قطر) من يستخدم الإرهاب الإسلامي، بل هم مجرد تلامذة على أيدي أساتذتهم عيال سعود (ما يسمى "السعودية")! إن حصرك الإرهاب الإسلامي بالإخوان المسلمين وبعيال ثاني مشبوه، إنه """غاية في نفس يعقوب"""!!!

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