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12 December 2011

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A glance on the Arab Spring Sometimes we would like to close our eyes and imagine that we are living in a rosy world that is so sweet and chocolate coated, other times we like to deceive our own thoughts and dreams ,forgetting that we live in our hypothetical illusionary world that we have created and envisaged

 To all the commentators who comment negatively on the Arab Spring I would like to say.. Just before you blame the west or even the east of conspiring against the Arab world please ask yourself a question. Were Mubarrak, Ibin Ali, Qaddafi or Saleh against the west? have they ever threatened the west in any shape ,form or fashion? contrary to the matter , the west used to tell them "jump and they would respond how high", this rule was and still is the common denominator among all Arab leaders without any exception, therefore, something else must be the real motive behind the demonstrations of the masses, I really don't think that the masses have nothing else to do better than getting in jail and getting insulted or humiliated, or even killed

 when we were kids they taught us in chemistry classes that” presser generates and leads to explosion” ,and I don't think it would take a rocket scientist to realize how much corruption and how much aggression is being exercised on the people on a daily biases, rules and laws that restrain and deprive people from their basic rights are legislated and implemented ,corruption on highest levels, tyranny and lack of wisdom, and yet to some of us the ruler must be immune from accountability or questioning. The "inspired" leader is not a God, he is not impeccable, for your knowledge he does mistakes, and yes he uses the bathroom such as everyone else. the laws of nature did not cease to exist for his cute looks yet

 The change is imminent whether we like it or not, whether it's supported and sponsored by the west or not, it's the way of Allah, it's the natural result of oppression and tyranny. The rulers fortified themselves with laws of "Lese Majesty "and they thought that the people are a herd of caws that they could milk whenever they wish, yet they didn't take in consideration that Allah has his own way of running this universe, so the message to all tyrants, take a hint ,the ones before you screamed so loud and they thought they could eradicate the revolutions by killing few people, yet the very recent history refutes their claims and thoughts

 I don’t wont to deceive myself as well and say that the west is innocent and naïve enough not to capitalize on such golden opportunity, or even create the atmosphere and conditions that are conducive for such chaos to take a place, we should realize that we are living in a pragmatic world and every failure of us is a gain for our adversaries ,when we as a nation fail to count the mistakes of the in charged personals, and when our media ornament and decorate their failure in a very pathetic scenarios and ways only to come out and appear as heroic and audacious decisions ,only then we realize that we as a nation has bankrupted civically and ethically

 I think the Arabic ruler forgot that he gets his strength and legitimacy from his own people, “ he has the excuse to do so” , because our own silence conveyed the message, we told him that he is a semi God, we told him that our rights are his grace upon us, we told him that our pain, our agony, our suffering and our misery are tolerable as long as he is fine

 He had no reason to think otherwise, he even himself started to believe that he is a half God, therefore, he didn’t only gamble with peoples money, but also he started gambling with their own future

. The taste of death is in every corner in our countries, even we lost track of the death tolls and yet our main concern is how to preserve our semi Gods and keep them intact …what a petty mind

 So many people hate and are against the Arabic spring , and they have the right to do so ,ultimately everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, others are supporters and advocates of this spring, unfortunately the battle had changed fields and we started a different kind of aggression against each other, and we laterally implementing what Bush said ”if you are not with me, then you are against me” there is no place on the net free from such war, and there is no place for the voice of logic, and I think there are two winners and one loser in this equation, the rulers and the adversaries are on the winning team and the masses are on the losing team while the supposedly main enemy is sitting on the bench cheering up both teams. However, the Arabs “resurrection” has created a new status-co ,it broke the barriers and obstacles, so what was a taboo yesterday is a virtue today. Apparently the mask has dropped, and the masses chanted

farewell fear, the rumble of which is being heard loudly and vigorously in many palaces in the Arabic world’s capitals.

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sorry ones
sorry people deserve sorry leaders. that is the Arabs
September 9, 2012 5:20 AM

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Thank you
good article. I hope you write more in the future.
September 9, 2012 3:36 PM

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