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08 November 2007

كاتب كندي من اصل عربي من اليمن حاصل على درجة الدكتوراه في مجال الاقتصاد والعلوم الزراعية له ابحاث عديدة متخصصة في مجاله نشرت في مجلات عربية وعالمية باللغة العربية والانجليزية والبولندية

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Yemen's future

Who doesn't have civilized past based on truth, justice and no difference between his sons, who its present has a lot of disasters and twisters in all sides, has a volcanoes of anger, beating and injustice, so its future absolutely will be a destruction, destroying and devastation then a disappearance. Unfortunately that is the future of Yemen in the life and the afterlife, Yemeni people and government will be punished in the afterlife then go to hell forever. I didn't exaggerate in describing the future of this geographical point on Arab island which is called Yemen.


Yemen is forgotten by humans who don't know about it except a little, it is the Arab root; its past was wars between tribes, there were a corruption so The God was angry with them and destroyed them. These events are written by holy books, legends, folk tales in history books, carved stones and ruins from ancient ages. When the Islamic age started, Yemeni people embraced the Islam to rescue and save their inhumanity succession and their injustice benefits.


They obeyed the devil and became cheater than him. I will be satisfied with describing their dishonorable past. The present is a fight and wars betweens tribes, when the child born he finds himself in a forever fight so he should kill or be killed, be homeless or live in scare and fear forever until his death. Also all the Yemeni people men, women, children are addicted of Opium Khat, and their bodies full of diseases that have no treatments, because Yemeni became another creature in his mind, thinking and body because of Opium Khat, diseases, life problems and environment disasters which changed his body working mode and also his organs size and shape.


There is a safety breakout, the poverty is also increasing. People and government are not producers because there are fights, demonstrations and daily protests generally in Yemen. There is an armed war and fights in the north of Yemen between Army and people by Hothy movement in Saada city, and between armed forces and emancipation demander in south.


Their lands, seas, Yemeni islands are sold to the neighboring countries, some are abdicated by force, some are wasted and spoiled and others are full of solid, liquid, gaseous and also nuclear trash. Because the country is spoiled, inefficient and entrusted in the local, regional and international level, and it insists on succession in spite of being against the constitution rules, revolution aims and the democracy process. Yemen refused to build a country, System, law and institutions plus insisting on lying, duplicity, sedition between people and parties.


The external relations are also the result of internal conditions and backward mental and aggressive tribal succession which don't have humanity principles or God constitution so that the result is full of scared corruption, violence and terrorism. American and international prisons are full of Yemeni people who are outlaw (Mercenary, Terrorists, profiteers and also victims).


The fraudulence and spoiling are appeared in stealing the student's scholarship in embassies and sending money abroad, also dealing with mafia, giving diplomacy passports to anyone, stealing the international aids of Palestinian and Somalian people who live in Yemen. In media, Yemen gives them little gifts pretending it is an aid from government. Companies' contracts and transactions are stolen by governors, relatives of leaders and government followers. The International organizations see that Yemen is outlaw country, persecutes racial minorities such as Africans, Indians and most of Arab tribes. They torture, hunt, imprison and murder the journalists, writers and thinkers. They also kidnap, kill and scare the tourists and investors.


Yemeni Government has lost its credibility, It becomes hateful and odium in humanity. The future will become worse and blacker, the armed war will widen, and there will be weak, separation and will be divided into unstable small countries. Because at the present Yemen are divided racially, doctrinally, militarily, culturally and geography into hundreds parts. It is difficult and impossible to return to the state of north small countries or the south country before 1990 or after the cat and mouse unity 1994, because the time, internal and external interests are changeable and everything will clash with each other.


Yemeni citizen state is tragically in abroad and neighborhood; he hasn't a warranty or even tomb. Anyone tried to passage the borders to neighborhood; he will be burned or exploited for inhumanity aims. Borders are full of smugglers and pirates, where the children are sold in slave marketplace, and the trading in the honor has increased and widen.


The courts and judgeship in Yemen are the kangaroo courts that declined downward to be the worst level for humanity valuables. It becomes firms to repair revenge and killing cases, dead and wounded bodies.


Yemeni tombs become a football playgrounds, trade markets or car roads, so the human is destroyed and not respectable in his life or his death. In some tombs they took out the old dead bodies to inter a new one, and the old body was thrown in any unknown place. All these vices will make the fate in the other life to the hell.


So I repeat my speech for Yemeni governors and people to believe in civilization, knowledge, learning and true religion. The beginning of solution to solve the Yemeni problem is to forbid Opium Khat, and to repair the judgeship. The government should get back the reserve capital of the president Saleh and his followers to the homeland; they also should concentrate on production, human and nature resources management.


Yemen is a rich country but its government doesn't have the knowledge and education, they put their honor in the current bad state. Lets remember that the beggars don't build homelands and the divine justice law are taken form in the minister of interior and security and then all other ministries.


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