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08 November 2007

كاتب كندي من اصل عربي من اليمن حاصل على درجة الدكتوراه في مجال الاقتصاد والعلوم الزراعية له ابحاث عديدة متخصصة في مجاله نشرت في مجلات عربية وعالمية باللغة العربية والانجليزية والبولندية

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Conflicts and the future of Iraq

 The greatest possibility is being divided into three states where conspiracy, enmity and armed struggles will arouse or the present condition where murders and destruction will last to unlimited time. This is due to the nature of the Iraqi people which contains grudge, malice, deceit, betrayal and killing.

Arabs and Iraqis did not union in the past but instead they form small countries depending on Persecution, robbery and violence and it has a psychological, militarily and political origin based on selfishness, apartheid, and deceit, eradication of truth and events plus using metaphorical slogans. I am sure they don't believe in the real solidarity based on system, law and to live peacefully with others either from their tribe, relatives or other races.

So unity is not a slogan but it is an idea crystallized in their minds to be merging unity, conspiracy unity, deceit unity, dictatorial unity, authority union, isolation unity, fortune unity or unity of autocracy in taking fateful decisions. Those are types of Arabs unions which are the result of historical and psychological complications, disbelief and insisting to violate morals, humanity laws and creator justice.

The American foreign politic in the modern era do a good work when it topples the autocratic system of Sadam and encouraging Iraqis to have fair and honest elections and put a modern and civilized constitution to gather all the nation under one ceil of justice and equality.

We can say that the first step of the thousand miles was successful but it sinks in the ocean of deceive, enmity and conspiracy of the killers because they misunderstood the federalism, the best meaning of the unity and social & political solidarity, and thought it means separation and partition which proves their stupidity and narrow minded.

So the Iraqi modern project clashed with the disasters of Iraqi mind, Police Headquarters, people with power and their assistants inside and outside, corruptive of the neighboring countries which divide into:
1. Countries afraid of the new Iraqi system that based on justice, freedom and equality such as Saudi Arabia and the gulf countries except Kuwait.
2. Countries confused due to the change and losing their financial and logistic support and afraid of Iraqi investors return to their stable country as Jordan, north Yemen, Sudan and some mercenary political parties in the other Arabian countries.
3. Countries afraid of American military intervention in their national affairs and hope to beat Americans such as Syria, Iran, Lebanon and some other countries.

There are interventions and penetrations from other foreign countries like Israel that have slogan of "from Euphrates to Nile is your promised land, Israel". So they aim to keep Iraq torn in order to gain benefits, power, control, possession and oversight for Zionism which is not realized by many people.We conclude that Iraq war is not managed by Al-Qaeda as Arabs, Americans and Iraqis use their name just to hide truth.

Iraqis must believe in the new constitution, admit their defeat, surrender to the reality and don't be a member in the civil war or fight with the Americans and the other foreign forces in order to prevent bloodshed and try to take advantage of these forces to update the security & military system hoping to have peaceful coexistence for a while or even forever till the main causes disappear as Germany and Japan did before.

They must also demand dropping debts, having compensations for the physical and psychological damage that occurred during wars and destruct Iraqi people and lands, getting back Iraqi money that belongs to the previous system from abroad to start construction, building and developing in order to join the convoy of science, knowledge and civilization.

In addition to reunion and combat illiteracy and poverty, they should preserve the residue sources to avoid being used in army and wars as what happened before.

This is already done now but in a new trend as building fences and walls plus other security projects inside and at the borderlines. If Iraqis don't avoid the past and present crimes and sins, this will lead to more killing disasters, poverty, divisions, dispersion, economic and social problems, environmental and psychological problems and many other problems.

Because the reality, in the past and present, give us proves that truth and morality are being murdered not only in Iraq but also in other neighboring countries. So if Jesus or the Waited Mahdi appears, they will be eaten by lions, hyena, foxes and wolves of Iraq plus vipers of the region.

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