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10 January 2016

خرج الشاعر عبداللطيف أحمد فؤاد من جامعة المنصورة و معه ليسانس الآداب قسم اللغة الانجليزية و آدابها فى عام 1997.

يعمل بالتدريس فى وزارة التربية و التعليم المصرية فى الدقهلية السنبلاوين

و لى عدة دواوين شعر انجليزية و عربية.

خمسة دواوين اليكترونية 4 عربية

و آخر انجليزى هو

Love and blood in the Middle East

و نشرت ديوانين ورقييه آخرين. العربى هو توأم الشمس.

و الانجليزى هو

The immortal love tears

و تحت الطبع ديوان انجليزى ضخم هو

Vitamin U.

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حرفى و بيل جيتس
My letter:

Thanks so much my poems and my golden letter.

You have made me the world king and messenger.

You are the Ocean of happiness to Egypt and her treasure.

My letter beside the kings you made me stronger.

My poem beside the princesses of beauty , you make me sweeter.

And beside me you made the ministers shorter.

My letter, Bill Gates beside me and the Oil Capitals are poorer.

My poem next to me the world heroes of wrestling are weaker.

My poetry, century after century you are fresher.
The miracles of my letters are more and more.

The Armies of USA elope before me and hide behind the nearest

And dance before me the sharks on the Beauty Shore.


The car of USA president visits me and wants me to be her owner.

The Queens of Europe and the world want me to be their babies father.

The flowers refuse to sleep until I become their brother.
The mountains of South America want my visits in Summer.

Day and night my hands are kissed by Harvard and Cambridge professors and more .

And cry to publish my poems Washington post newspaper
Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.
December 23 ,2018

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