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10 January 2016

خرج الشاعر عبداللطيف أحمد فؤاد من جامعة المنصورة و معه ليسانس الآداب قسم اللغة الانجليزية و آدابها فى عام 1997.

يعمل بالتدريس فى وزارة التربية و التعليم المصرية فى الدقهلية السنبلاوين

و لى عدة دواوين شعر انجليزية و عربية.

خمسة دواوين اليكترونية 4 عربية

و آخر انجليزى هو

Love and blood in the Middle East

و نشرت ديوانين ورقييه آخرين. العربى هو توأم الشمس.

و الانجليزى هو

The immortal love tears

و تحت الطبع ديوان انجليزى ضخم هو

Vitamin U.

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وقود السعادة
The fuel of happiness :


I am watching now billions of happiness cities in the islands in the

 middle of your eyes.

Where the sad hearts and people can smile for three centuries.

I am the saddest man and king of sadness kingdoms.


Like me billions of the American and Arab peoples.

We need to smile in our lives even for only second.

And your amazing sweet smile is the fuel of eternal happiness.
Your smile have the only key of joy of hearts

Your eyes are have the seas of happiness.

That cannot be found in this Universe.

Your smile is the way to real happiness.

That we lost before Adam and Eve birth.

Your smile covers the skies with golden green dress.

The road to happiness is so long and hard.

It is nearly impossible my very sweet, great and close friend..

I am looking for it but nothing in my white hand.

When you smile or say only a word.

Everything sings in this sad and yellow world.

Anything and everything related to your soft hand.

When I look at the flowers, I ask them why are you sad?

They reply we did not see her since our childhood.

I open my heart doors and tell them to see you in my


They dance on and the green trees smile on facebooks.


Shakespeare expected your beauty and glory.

The prophets also say you’re the messenger of good poetry.

And I call you owner of the heart happiness and

Majesty and beauty.

Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.
November 18/2018

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