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10 January 2016

خرج الشاعر عبداللطيف أحمد فؤاد من جامعة المنصورة و معه ليسانس الآداب قسم اللغة الانجليزية و آدابها فى عام 1997.

يعمل بالتدريس فى وزارة التربية و التعليم المصرية فى الدقهلية السنبلاوين

و لى عدة دواوين شعر انجليزية و عربية.

خمسة دواوين اليكترونية 4 عربية

و آخر انجليزى هو

Love and blood in the Middle East

و نشرت ديوانين ورقييه آخرين. العربى هو توأم الشمس.

و الانجليزى هو

The immortal love tears

و تحت الطبع ديوان انجليزى ضخم هو

Vitamin U.

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حجيم أول الحب
The hell of your love:

The love of the normal ladies warms the hearts.
But your first love burns me , my house , Egypt and the worlds.
Love of the beautiful Queens brings happy luck.
But your love makes me city of bad luck. 
Love of the actress brings huge happiness.
But your love produces sad eyes and unhappy capitals.
Patience of any love makes romance so great and endless.
Patience of your love changes you into Ocean of prejudice.
Normal love beautifies the streets , the cities and the Universe.
Your love makes me the ugliest king in the history of lovers.
Love of  any foreign young lady makes the man a happy young king.
But your love makes my poem the saddest song.
Love of the uneducated girl makes the poor , the richest in our life.
Your love makes me the poorest priest of this universe.
 Love of the Danish girls makes life beautiful and colorful
Your endless love makes my life is hard and black .
Love of the dead girls  solve any problems easily and quickly.
Your love cause international problems daily.
The United Nations try to  burn the roots and the seeds of your dangerous love.
But I told  them  ,stop , she is my air and one day  to me her heart she may give.
Historic love like Romeo and Juliet are carved on the doors of the hearts and fun
But your love is blocked from facebook love and cause a terrible red rain.
Love of the African diplomatic ladies brings and wealth and health.
But your love makes me swim in poverty seas and illness Oceans.
The weakest love gives birth to billions children.
But your love cause disasters to me and the Arabs since the great Napoleon.

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