Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad / عبداللطيف عبداللطيف
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10 January 2016

خرج الشاعر عبداللطيف أحمد فؤاد من جامعة المنصورة و معه ليسانس الآداب قسم اللغة الانجليزية و آدابها فى عام 1997.

يعمل بالتدريس فى وزارة التربية و التعليم المصرية فى الدقهلية السنبلاوين

و لى عدة دواوين شعر انجليزية و عربية.

خمسة دواوين اليكترونية 4 عربية

و آخر انجليزى هو

Love and blood in the Middle East

و نشرت ديوانين ورقييه آخرين. العربى هو توأم الشمس.

و الانجليزى هو

The immortal love tears

و تحت الطبع ديوان انجليزى ضخم هو

Vitamin U.

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كونى حياتى
Be my friend and my happy life :
The first flame of your love burnt hell ,and  this is not an easy  matter.
And you need me and I need you my flower.
The free capitals want us to marry and live happily together. 
Trump and Putin kiss the feet of your great father.
El Sis is crying before your house and he is recorded by your sister.
You are very kind and I am your love and your favorite writer.

To your holy facebook page just add me as a friend. 
I am sure I am the father of your happiness and child.
I kiss you before the world and websites on the top of the pyramid

I am not shy my sweet little angle as I am your husband.
My heart is in your chest and yours g8ves my body pure blue blood.
The happiness has now wings and cover England.
The wedding is seventy days in Egypt and Switzerland.
The tears disappeared from the eyes of humankind. 
The flowers families dance and make our films of Hollywood.

The joy of seas and heaven is great and has no end.
As they see us the best groom and bride.
Your love poetry will live for the new generations.
My love is carved on your arteries millions years ago.
My love is read in the Bible and Holy Quran in the sky.
And you are my heroine and I am your heart hero.
You are the kindest flower of Mansoura and Cairo.
You are the most beautiful nymph that is created in Paradise and sent to me only.
Our two spirits are one and this told in the plays of Shakespeare and Marlow.
Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.

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