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08 November 2007

كاتب كندي من اصل عربي من اليمن حاصل على درجة الدكتوراه في مجال الاقتصاد والعلوم الزراعية له ابحاث عديدة متخصصة في مجاله نشرت في مجلات عربية وعالمية باللغة العربية والانجليزية والبولندية

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The Extraordinary yemenite Gardener
 The extraordinary gardener just comes to our garden from where and how; we neither have knowledge nor information. He does not come only but also rapes and seizes our garden. He destroys, demolishes and demoralizes it.
 He builds around it a great wall of malevolence, malice and viciousness, and surrounds it with hoodlums, gangs, mafias, thorns and dogs. He plants in our garden chaos, obscenities, abominations and wrongs.
Our extraordinary gardener paints, garnishes, decorates, and beautifies our garden with murdering and killing tools. He waters it’s trees with blood. He fertilizes it with poisons.
He feeds her inhabitants opium. The extraordinary gardener popularizes, spreads and propagandizes for the denominations, falsehoods and rumors. Then he depredates the garden’s wealth.
 After that our gardener plays and caresses with us with humbugs and delusions to obscure from us the sun, moon and the faith. The gardener filibusters the peace and security.
Later on the gardener takes out his constitutional book and chants saying "My land produces therein corn, grapes, nutritious plants, olives, dates, enclosed gardens with lofty trees, fruits and fodders for use and convenience to you and your cattle." Hence, It was his great falsity.
It is true that our gardener is a hoodoo, malefactor and the harvester and the gainer of both havoc and devastation. Really, who enters our garden will see things that satisfy and amuse the soul.
In addition, the locusts attack what remains of the garden, and it is outrage. Finally, the rooster and hoopoe wake up from beside the remaining willow trees to establish their Promised Kingdom. THE KINGDOM OF ROOSTER AND HOOPOE.

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