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08 November 2007

كاتب كندي من اصل عربي من اليمن حاصل على درجة الدكتوراه في مجال الاقتصاد والعلوم الزراعية له ابحاث عديدة متخصصة في مجاله نشرت في مجلات عربية وعالمية باللغة العربية والانجليزية والبولندية

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The Rooster and Nationalizations’ Wealth and Rights Empire
Years after the collapse of the Evil Empire, the power of darkness that is represented by hyenas, rodents, reptiles, foxes, bats, choughs and spiders along with their shadows, spectrums and mosaics decided to continue the nationalization of the wealth and the rights of the roosters. So the rooster leader assembled his power and entered into the company of them in order to face them, cancel their laws in the local area and in other parts of the World, and to provide a new system accepted by the Lord and the World.
            The first battle was with hyenas, rodents, and reptiles since they used the humbug, depredation, hoodlum, mendacity, corruption and filibuster to stop the rooster from opening this case. Even though they caused a lot of damage, the rooster won the first battle of the war due to his incredible power.
            The second battle was with foxes and bats who used the delusion, wickedness and retaliation, all kinds of malefactions and malevolencies. The rooster won and earned more experiences for further battles.
            The third battle was with the choughs, sheep and spiders who used the power of demons, chases, telepathies and mercenaries of the World, but the rooster faced them by using the royal and great powers and the rooster won the battle. 
Years later the Empire of Nationalizations’ the Wealth and Right assembled all of their powers in local and international areas and conspired to damage the Rooster Empire and to kill the rooster leader. The rooster unified with the tiger and won the war. The victory of the roosters and tigers allowed the World to live peacefully and it became more beautiful and amazing. They fought for the true free zones and canceling the laws of nationalizations the wealth and the rights

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