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08 November 2007

كاتب كندي من اصل عربي من اليمن حاصل على درجة الدكتوراه في مجال الاقتصاد والعلوم الزراعية له ابحاث عديدة متخصصة في مجاله نشرت في مجلات عربية وعالمية باللغة العربية والانجليزية والبولندية

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The Rooster and Murders’ Empire
            There is an empire called the Empire of Death, Killing and Murder. In this empire, people are governed through the administration of illegal drugs in order to suppress their feelings of responsibility in regards to the human being, and to work aggressively against each other without mercy. Moreover, they do their fitness, business, building and other constructions at the cemetery, where “dead people” vote, elect and earn their salary and other remuneration. They share with the live people local and international aid. 
One day in this empire, a woman of a disciplinary and morality system called Nooria McOwais, was killed by the regime of this Empire. After killing her, they announced her death as either a suicide or murder by relatives. Their aim was not only for inhumane activities towards this family but also to incite the family relatives to kill each other.  
When her husband and son knew the evidence, they fought strongly to find the truth about the unique and secret murder of the wife and mother. This task was intricate due to multi-companies of death and murder, their parasitism on dead people as well as on living, and their ability to carry the responsibility in order to cover the truth and to work on the rule of “ murders help to murderers”. 
Yet these obstacles did not stop the roosters to achieve their goals. Therefore, they spent a lot of money, time and effort to discover the true murderers and organizers in order to punish them by the law of humans. Moreover, they believed that the discovery of the truth needs adventure. 
The first adventure was with the company called The Fox Company of Death and Murder. The roosters accessed the company and it appears aggressive and has a readymade programme to marry with the younger rooster, take money and when they listened for the incidents they changed the sequence order of the rooster’s mother’s murderers. Their offer was a cozenage, so the rooster rejected their plan and decided to access the second company of death and murder called Cobra. 
The Cobra Company of Death and Murder offered a financial bribe, shot-gun married and they took the responsibility of the rooster’s mother’s murderers, and it was a delusion, so their plan was rejected by the rooster and he preferred to ask another company, which is called the Spider. 
Later on, the rooster accessed the Spider Company of Death and Murder and they presented money, demonologically married and replaced another mother and wife for the roosters. The roosters knew their illusionary plan and objected to it and favored another adventure. 
Another   adventure was with the Minorities and Majorities of the forest. It took much of the money, lot of effort, and all of them took the blame for the killing the mother’s rooster on them. 
Finally, the rooster associated and lined up with the Lion Company and together they found the secret of killing the mother and the wife of the roosters, and knew that her death was a cause for several national and international effects to enlighten the World of the Forest. 
At the end, the death of the roosters’ mother and the wife was recognized by the Enlighten World and by the Standby Lion as martyrdoms of renovation to the forest, and her family and relatives will govern it.

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