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20 February 2010

كاتب سوري مستقل لا ينتمي لاي حزب او تيار سياسي او ديني

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مقال باللغة الإنكليزية - أوباما: مجرم حرب آخر

“ Obama: Another war criminal


The Change”, this illusive phrase was Obama’s key slogan raised during his presidential campaign. It took us nearly two years to interpret this word when Obama launched his regimes’ “change” in the Middle East late in 2010 beginning in toppling, or rather sacking, one of America’s chronic ally, that is to say President Zein Al Abidin Bin Ali of Tunisia. So, Obama’s “change” seemed to be external rather than internal one, it simply was targeting overseas people

 He prepared for this catastrophic campaign through his famous and unique speech from Cairo University auditorium, when he referred in a way or another to the need to democracy

 Or in other words, the “sacking” of his allies, a hint which made Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak leave Obama’s Arab Spring “sermon”, in a clear protest and rejection of the project. Many viewed Obama at that special “sermon” as a Salafi Sheikh and a Jihadist warrior rather than a US president, when he filled his speech with Prophet Mohamed’s hadiths and cited Quranic verses to support and justify his next war and destructive project known as Arab Spring. He repeated many times the American horrible “refrain” democracy, and bringing it to other societies which became a real global nightmare of humanity

The “change” fire ball rolled down and up from Tunisia, to Egypt, Yemen, Libya reaching, at last, Syria, reaping up hundreds of thousands of victims, and causing devastation and massive destruction, especially in Libya and Syria. Later on, Obama resorted to America’s strategic terroristic “reserve” of Al Qaeda and its “sisters” to throw them into the inflaming fields, when Obama’s project stumbled by severe resistance and refusal after it became clear, even to ordinary people, that it was another kind of American traditional aggressions and wars against different nations in the world, but this time through hired local and mercenary fighters giving them the name of “rebels”

 That was Obama’s first step to depend on international terrorism to achieve political goals in changing regimes in other countries under the banner of democracy and revolutions. Most ironically, American president cooperated with the most atrocious, savage and non-constitutional theocratic tribal Sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, along with Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan, to ripening his project, providing them with the absolute legal, lawful and UN cover

 These were, in fact, too generous in recruiting, and bringing mercenaries, killers, terrorists and “Jihadists” into Syria to fight Obama’s battle of toppling down President Bashar Al Assad. This goal led to hundreds of thousands of victims and deaths in Syria, and a wide range of devastation, as well, while the Syrian governmental army was, legally and very heroically, defending the Syrian soil against those barbaric foreign hired gangs and perpetrators (so-called Syrian rebels in American media and its allies). Now, one may recall, in the same context, the ex-dual war criminals Bush and Blair who were responsible, also, for a great part of destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for the killing of more than one million people, in Iraq only

 Children and women were among them, under the same titles of nightmarish democracy and false wars on terror as they exclude Saudi Arabia the main source and exporter of international terrorism

 The suspicious British role, in Iraq war, along with the massive devastation and huge numbers of victims and deaths there, pushed the British judicial body to move, in Nov 2009, to form a special inquiry committee, naming Sir John Chilcot, on top of it, to review the criminal side of the British participation in that painful, destructive and catastrophic war. Similar accusations and charges are haunting president George W. Bush, on popular and media levels, so far, referring to his disastrous direct role in launching that war

The death toll in Syria has not been settled down yet, but one can, easily, notice the horrible chaos and destruction, while the refugees, in millions, inside and out, are suffering in a very miserable humanitarian circumstances. Students who lost, and deprived from their right and opportunity to learn and enjoy health care are another tragic story to tell

 All that is caused by Obama’s stupid failing adventure, famous as “change” or “Arab Spring”. Not to mention the other tragic and catastrophic results in other “Arab Spring” counties like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and to some extent Lebanon and Iraq. Consequently, Obama is lawfully counted and held responsible for most, if not all, of that

Will Obama be an exception, and a difference from his colleagues Blair and Bush, since his harm, victims and destruction, were never, at all, less than those “criminals”, “butchers” and symbols of death, horror and destruction, and perhaps more? Levant TV.

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