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20 February 2010

كاتب سوري مستقل لا ينتمي لاي حزب او تيار سياسي او ديني

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ارهابيون في البيت الابيض ... مقال باللغة الانجليزية

From Afghanistan to Pakistan through Turkey, reaching to most of the countries in the Middle East, the scenes are monotonously one and rife with Al Qaeda’s official Saudi-fabricated international army men, with their long beards, traditional black uniforms and flags labeled with: “there is no God but Allah, Muhammad is his prophet”, hailing, shouting, frantically, hysterically and demanding for their dream Caliphate State, that is the final aim and sacred goal of the fundamental Islamic groups all over the world. These scenes, even in Europe, with reports of dozens of thousands of European militants sneaking into Syria through Turkish borders for Jihad, seem to be, sometimes, quite familiar

This high Islamic tide was quite an outcome of the petrodollar boom in the last few decades which is being viewed and boasted by Islamists as “Islamic Wake Up”, where the social life and norms of these societies, as well as, the thinking and behavior of the peoples have, actually and drastically, been changed towards more primitive, closed and intolerant way of living and thinking. But the same scenes in US, on popular scale, will appear more sensitive, meaningful, completely different, and may trigger wider outrage and indignation due to 09/11 catastrophe. With the presence of PATRIOT ACT*, if applied, literally, it will label most of these groups, as well as their leaders, as mere terrorist. It becomes, in fact, more confusing, inexplicable and even embarrassing when things come to the so-called, Saudi-American backed “Syrian Revolution” due to all its awful atrocities and terrorist horrible practices and its overt links to Al Qaeda

In this regard, many observers and analysts were astonished, to some extent, to see Ahmad Al Jarba, “Syrian Rebels’ ” leader, and the so-called Syrian Coalition’s chief, meeting with president Barak Obama in the Oval Office. The meeting would have been considered as a usual one if we ignore the links, history and declarations of Ahmad Al Jarba, regarding the terrorist groups that are fighting, in Syria, under the name of Syrian Revolution

 Al Jarba has, in one of his famous statements, in front of the Arab League meeting, in March 2014, praised Al Nusra Front, (a terrorist faction of Al Qaeda), considering it as a revolutionary faction, demanding, at the same time, not to be listed as a terrorist group, despite many terrorists attacks and operations it had perpetrated in Syria, including recruiting foreign mercenaries to kill Syrians, car bombings, beheading of civilians, blowing up public properties, kidnapping little girls, raping and killing them

 It is needless to mention “Syrian Revolution’s” other leaders stating, publicly and overtly, their adherence to Al Qaeda. The US, and even Turkey and Saudia Arabia which are the staunchest supporters and sponsors of the so-called Syrian Revolutionaries, have also, most recently, labeled Al Nusra as a terrorist group. More ironical, Al Jarba, himself, was, later, accused by Al Nusra top leader Sami Al Oreidi of stealing 75 million dollar of aid money

A week ago, Suzan Rice, openly confessed supplying the “Syrian rebels”, (Al Qaeda Terrorists, and mercenaries from all over the world), with deadly weapons, mainly and only, to kill Syrian people and destroy Syria’s infrastructure. In a latest development, Mr Lakhdar Brahimi, the special UN envoy to Syria, gave a stunning declaration, to Der Spiegel, where he stated, literally, that: “the Syrian opposition, (that is Al Jarba men), have used chemical weapons, in Khan Al Assal, Aleppo, north of Syria”, which caused the death of dozens of civilians. Al Jarba, in fact, was flirting, day and night, defending and expressing his admiration in Al Nusra, and never condemned chemical attacks or any other atrocity committed by his so-called “rebels”. Al Jarba was sitting, on May 14th, 2014, face to face with president Barrak Obama in the white House

 Obama, a Noble Prize holder, was in fact doing nothing but receiving a suspicious man, accused of leading Saudi-Qatari fabricated and cooked terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda. Can we say that we were in fact so lucky to live up to a time, when we could grab a unique chance to witness and follow alive, terrorists welcomed and being warmly received by American top officials, and where? Not in any other place but at the heart of the White house? And now that they are getting used to it, what if these terrorists make another "surprise visit", one day to their friends at the White House?

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