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20 February 2010

كاتب سوري مستقل لا ينتمي لاي حزب او تيار سياسي او ديني

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ثوار اوباما يهاجمون مدينة المسيح

Ma'loula : Obama's rebels are targeting the city of Jesus By: Nedal Naisseh Chanting: "Allah Akbar,(God is the greatest), we have liberated the city from the Christian infidels", Obama's rebels, as they are known here, were, in fact, celebrating when they rushed, in thousands, into the great historical city of Ma'loula. This scene, in fact, was another monotonous nightmarish repetition of the same Syrian "Americanized revolutionary" scenario, where herds of thousands of armed foreign mercenaries hurtle toward a safe quiet disarmed city to wreak the havoc and devastation , to murder, destroy , kidnap, behead, slay, eat the flesh and livers of the victims, and so on and so forth

  This is, truely, a typical daily behavior of what has been termed as "Syrian Revolution", backed by the most closed, rigid, authoritarian, autocratic, oligarch and dictatorial Middle Eastern regimes, in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms , in addition to the United States of America, Britain and France. So it is Ma'loula's turn, this time, the last target and martyr slain city, in the Syrian Death Convoy nurtured and fueled by Barack Obama, who provides these perpetrators and cannibals with all the reasons to survive, with angelic propaganda , sponsorship, and active American diplomacy that never stops or yields. Almost the oldest Christian city in Levant, Ma'loula is known, here, in Syria, as the city of Christ, and the last city in the world which is still speaking Aramaic, that is the language of Christ. An old Syrian classical city located in the north-west, 50 km, of Damascus, rising from the sea at about 1500 meters

Its name means, in Syriac language, the high place with fresh air. Ma'loula is famous for having many Christian holy and important old landmarks dating back to the tenth century BC . Its Muslim and Christian population are still speaking Aramaic (Syriac) language of Christ until today. Ma'loula's most unique and important landmarks are the monasteries , churches, rocky passages and ancient Christian and important ruins in the history of Christianity, including an ancient Byzantine church, and Byzantine tombs carved in the rock at the heart of the mountain, where there is also the patriarchal monastery of Mar Taqla 

 Ma'loula houses are featured by being raised up on each other as layers to form, and give a unique extraordinary landscape and identity of the city. The monuments and huge stones, and caves are dug into the rock and they were inhabited by old Man to narrate a story of a history which belongs to thousands of years ago, since the Aramaic age, when Ma'loula was under the reign of the Kingdom of Homs, in the Roman era , when it was named the Celeokoboles's Ma'loula, till the Byzantine era as it played an important religious role and crowned as an Episcopal center which started from the fourth century, and lasted until the seventeenth century

This holy city , with all its religious and historical symbolism and sacredness, was, very recently, attacked by herds of insurgents, murderers (cannibals), and mercenaries from all over the world, or what is known as al Qaeda International Terrorism Army, (Syrian revolution). People, here, are joking by calling them Kenyan Abo Amama's rebels (Obama). These invaders, savagely, pulled down the monasteries, burned churches, destroyed the historic ancient houses, looted the contents of the Churches, and mercilessly, slaughtered civilian people, mainly Christians, vandalized ancient Christian paintings, trod on the scattered images of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary laid on the ground. The "angelic" rebel of Obama terrorized the population, and forced them to leave their homes, at a time when Western propaganda machine and other pro-Arab ones, were hailing all that, praising the terrorists, murderers and criminals (cannibals), talking about their "sacred" victories over "infidels", and glorifying the conquests of "Obama's revolutionaries" in Syria, introducing all that, falsely, to public opinion, as a great job and valuable achievement against a "dictatorial regime" as they put it

Tomorrow, the heroic national secular Syrian government legal army will, inevitably, enter the holy city, liberate it and expel these killers, terrorists and mercenaries (Obama's rebels ), but this will not be the end of the tragedy and the final act of the drama, because there will, also, be then someone, there, at the White House, who will protest and become angry, raising the red card, in the face of the Syrian state , accusing the "regime" of President Bashar al-Assad of using, groundlessly, chemical weapon to defeat "Obama's men" on the ground, and calling to intervene to revenge, to support and save his murderers, criminals and mercenaries who gathered from all over the world to fabricate and produce a false and filthy farce called "Syrian Revolution", all on the expense of American tax-payers. It is, really, one of the most inexplicable wonders, and enigmas of all the time .

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