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20 February 2010

كاتب سوري مستقل لا ينتمي لاي حزب او تيار سياسي او ديني

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Very important message to all free peoples of the world Mr. President Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation Mr. President x1Jinping Peoples' republic of China Mr. President Bashar Al Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic His Eminence Imam Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi Minister of Defense-Arab Republic of Egypt Mr. Nouri al-Malki, Prime Minister of Iraq Mr. Ban Kim Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations Permanent Members of the Security Council To all World leaders who combat wars, aggression and terrorism: Greetings of love and appreciation to you all

 The peoples of this region especially the peoples of Syria, Egypt and Iraq are subject to an ugly, vicious and macabre campaign of terror, daily indiscriminate and systematic killings, ethnic cleansing and sectarianism, on a scale that never witnessed before, all under the rubric of Arab Spring and phony fake revolutions. All these crimes are concocted and planned in international circles that have become known to all. This ugly campaign of terror has taken the form of massacres against children, cold blood killings of innocent people, haphazard explosions and systematic destruction of our infrastructure all in the name of the democracy and human rights. All these daily and organized crimes are bankrolled and sponsored by Wahabi Saudi Arabia which arms these gangsters and hosts their leaders while the international community is keeping silent. The international community is wondering about the lack or even the absence of any meaningful punitive measures to curb the aggression, terrors, horrors,

loodshed and provocations of this medieval criminal Wahhabi kingdom and its speech. The patience of the people of this world is wearing thin after all these killings and crimes. This retrograde medieval Wahhabi Kingdom is governed by a bunch of villains, rogue and blood-thirsty princes who are willing to go to every length to destabilize these countries and disrupt the daily life of their peace loving people and their peaceful co-existence. We implore all the freedom lovers of the world to stand by our side with all their means to put an end to this bloodshed, chaos and destruction

 The Interpol and all human organization must immediately issue arrest warrants against all these Wahhabi thugs. This if done, will be a great service to humanity. Under the titles of the fake so-called Arab Spring and Colorful Revolutions, the terrorist, bloodsuckers Wahhabis bring paid serial killers and mercenaries into Syria to kill our children, committing horrors and genocides and destabilize our peaceful, ever co-existing societies. Only strong legal action can stop these crimes

 The people of this part of the world are looking forward to see an end to this vile policies practiced against them by those goons. This is your responsibility in front of God, mankind and history and the peoples of this afflicted part of the world. We are anxious to see a quick action taken by you to put an end to these hideous crimes. The rogue Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world’s greatest sponsor of terror. It is just about time that these criminal acts perpetrated by this medieval kingdom come to an end under the auspices of the international community

 The peoples of this region, which are being subjected to all forms of chaos, destruction, explosions and daily gratuitous killings, expect, and are looking forward to end this vicious circle of daily violence, mass killing, beheading innocent people, and stop the flooding of death squads all sponsored by this degenerative kingdom. This is the least you can do to our peoples. The free leaders of our contemporary world, and all freedom lovers are asked today more than ever before, to take a strong attitude to stand by our peoples, protect them and save them from the wicked, sinister and criminal intentions, and the evil predilections of this evil kingdom and its innate lust for death and bloodshed. This kingdom is the source of all evil in our world and it is just about time to send its blood thirsty goons, Satans, felons, bloodsuckers and killers a clear message that their crime will not go unpunished any longer. This will be for the sake of humanity and our future generations

With our best wishes Nidal Naisseh Writer, Media man and independent Syrian activist

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