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20 February 2010

كاتب سوري مستقل لا ينتمي لاي حزب او تيار سياسي او ديني

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Satanizing Syria: Zainab Al Hosni as an example

 A Supernatural Miracle: A Syrian restored-to-life girl is talking back No one can, ever, claim, that any political regime on earth, including the Syrian regime, is an angel-styled and puritan one, but one can completely reassure that Satan is, sometimes, man-made creature, as international, and Bedouin-Arab-subordinated media are trying to say and draw about Syria, in the minds of publics everywhere. It is no secrete to tell that there are, now, more than forty major worldwide satellite channels, including, most unfortunately, CNN, BBC, France24, Euronews, TV5, and many other worthless, tiny and filthy Arab-speaking mercenary ones, airing, round the clock, false and fabricated stories, Tubes and news about Syria. All are trying to deform the image of Syria, and create that negative passive impression and view about it, in order to pave the way to issue a U.N security resolution which will authorize NATO to launch a Libyan-type military aggression against Syria.

 But, unluckily, at least for those channels, the real image is being, now, little by little, redrawn and corrected and the efforts of satanizing Syria are being eroded, more and more systematically, through many revelations, fiascos, failures and disillusionments that, successively, occur on roof. A real stunning scandal, regarding that, has been, strikingly, disclosed during the last few hours, as those channels have been claiming for weeks that Syrian security forces, helped by other outlaws members (Shbeeha), have abducted the 18-year-old girl Zainab Al Hosni, from her home at Homs, central Syria, tortured, amputated, stripped her skin off, and finally beheaded her.

 Her lately shown swindler liar brother, Mohammed, shared the flam and fabrication claiming that the Syrian army had, before, burst into their house and abducted his sister Zainab. Many human rights organizations reiterated the same story and adopted it. The usual well-known Western diplomatic harmonious chorus repeated the same wailing song, tearing, day and night, the late slaughtered Zianab. Amnesty General, itself, was involved in the game, and so it became a fervent member of the same sad weeping chorus, calling for an "immediate investigation". Of course, the above-mentioned misleading and involved channels acted in the same way. Al Arabiya, the most notorious and cheating Wahhabi Saudi channel, apologized for not publishing "fresh available" photos of Zainab’s corpse and remains, so that, what a pity, not to hurt our sensitive fragile feelings and hearts.

 They all "participated" in her funeral(1), buried her, and showed her tomb which became a sacred shrine visited by broken-heart mourners and American-made up freedom fighters. She was, as well as, wailed over by the so-called human rights activists, and their sponsors overseas The great spectacular surprise, and the resounding breaking news, yesterday, on all Syrian media channels, was that Zainab is still alive. She gave a live interview to the Syrian main channel, refuting the whole media hype about her tragic death. She attributed her disappearance, for the last weeks, to her family’s mistreatment, and the fear of her brothers, declaring that she is well, she is alive, safe and untouched by any, she has never been abducted or even detained for few minutes. In fact, there were hundreds of fabricated tubes, and many other unbelievable, fanciful and exaggerated stories and essays by a well-trained coordinated crew. Many were proved to be untrue, and false which entitled, later, many public apologies and acknowledgments by major world media like Associated Press, Reuters, DW, ABC, France24, and the Australian SBS TV, over transmitting false, unverified fabricated materials.(2) Lyse Doucet, also, the famous BBC correspondent and presenter, came to Syria, accompanied by a special well-experienced team, to report about the real and true scene in Syria.

 She came up with a completely different and contradictory version of what those channels have been trying to market and plant in minds, for nearly seven- month-non-stop campaign. Satanizing countries has been, in fact, a traditional and reliable process by Western super powers, to justify military interventions and invasions of sovereign states, and to liquidate rising independent powers under many titles like freeing these countries, helping them get rid of their dictators, and due to flagrant violations of human rights …..etc. This happened in Vietnam, ex-Soviet Union states, Panama, Balkan, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya….etc. We here do not exclude the necessity for liberty and freedom, but we used to fear the results and outcomes that were so expensive, catastrophic and disastrous in some cases, like Iraq, where more than one million and half people were killed at the hands of the so-called "Liberators".

 So, here it is another failing attempt, to satanize another country, has, so shamefully and scandalously, ended. On the contrary, Syria was proved innocent facing a worldwide, well-plotted and calculated campaign. So, after that painful revelation, have we to believe and swallow any stuff thrown to us by that media? Subsequently, we have to inquire, whether these sides and countries targeted by that Western-controlled media are really Satan? Therefore, we have to wait a for a long time before giving or sharing decisive and final judgments about others, especially if these verdicts and rulings were issued by Western politicians and their hired slaves. Footnotes: (1)Have a look, please, at this sample of hundreds of a false Tubes and stories circulated online, about Syria in general, and about Zainab’s false tragedy, in particular: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvBCbDn8P54 (2) See, also, our previous essay in Arabic: The Ever Deceptive Revolution أكذب ثورة في التاريخ http://www.arabtimes.com/portal/article_display.cfm?Action=&Preview=No&ArticleID=22353

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