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20 February 2010

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The Illusion of The Arab Spring

Arab and international media used to call the bloody events, and turmoil taking place in many countries in the so—called Arabic World, as an "Arab Spring". First, we all know that the dominating color of natural "Spring" is usually green, while the color, here, of the political media-fabricated Spring is red, and more specifically a bloodred one, where fifty thousand civil Libyans were killed, and more than one hundred others were wounded by NATO Tornado Spring-airmen

 In Syria, more than 2500 civilians, and military men were killed by imported "Spring" armed mercenary, and Al Qaeda-style fighters, who are called, flirtatiously, freedom fighters and revolutionaries by the West dominated media. If it were, really, an Arab Spring, what it has to do with Americans, French or British, to be involved in?

 In addition, if those were so infatuated with "Springs", why they are so selective and temperamental in sponsoring "Springs"? And why their infatuation is restricted to certain areas and regimes, only, while their closest friends, that is to say Persian Gulf oil-rich Sheikhdoms, and tribal hierarchal Emirates, are, still, living in a very miserable tough cold winter, as these Sheikhdoms have not yet abolished slavery, and most of them have no written constitutions, no elections, or peaceful transition of powers. In this case, they seem to be in more need to Spring in their frozen and calcified regimes and societies, but that "Spring", most surprisingly, doesn't bloom here, and it seems it will not call, or pass by them, at all

 Moreover, the bitter irony, and to add insult to injury, those medieval closed Sheikdoms are trying to export democracy, and lecture others, day and night, human rights' lessons in a more enthusiastic manner than our late friend and master Voltaire used to do during the real French Spring. Revolutions, all over the history and world, were cultural ones, in the first place

 They formed a qualitative jump from one intellectual state into another, completely, different and new one, not, like our Arabic state, which is a mere substitution of one ruler with another, removing symbols of corruption, and bringing another worst symbols, while keeping the same fossilized culture, ideologies and concepts untouched. Most amazingly, our "Spring" is diving more deeply, with strange nostalgia, in far history old thoughts

 The American-sponsored "Arab Spring" meant, in fact, to many, the removal of the old dictators and symbols of corruption, and keeping the same old regime-crews, and men, without this wide social and radical progressive change in values, concepts and ideas, and most importantly the structures of old regimes. Per contra, the worst and most horrible thing took place, that is the takeover, and the successful comeback, of the Salafi, obscurantist and fundamental Islamic forces

 The same "American Spring" happened, before, in Iraq, with the takeover of Qum Mullas, which led, after that, to the displacement of one million Iraqi Christians, in addition to other small minorities. Spring, even the political one, in one of its meanings, refers to the melting down of ice after a long cold winter. It is so symbolic, and correct, when we talk about "Prague Spring" which calls the idiom. But, alas, in our "Arabic spring", we are going towards a more icy, hard, dark and frozen era, at least, in mind and thoughts. The takeover over of the Muslim brotherhood Group in Egypt, and Libya is a good example here. The most important phenomenon of this fake "Arab Spring" is the emergence of mosques' dinosaur preachers, clergymen and religious scholars class as leaders of the so-called "Spring". They led, supervised, baptized and directed demonstrators in streets

 We all remember the symbolic attendance of Sheihk Qardawi(1), in Tahreer square, while celebrating the revolution’s one-week old, baptizing it and emerging as the spiritual leader of Egyptian revolution, most compared to late Imam Khomeini’s comeback, whose revolution had never been classified as "Iranian Spring" by the same media sponsoring the so-called "Arab Spring"

 The takeover of these Salafi forces means, in effect, a u-turn to a very dark and cold era where every thing, in mind and on the ground, will be frozen for a long time to come. It will need, in future, a very hot summer, this time not a mere spring, to make things melt down, once again. U.S president Barak Obama called ex-Tunisian president Bin Ali to step down

 He did the same thing to President Mubarak, Colonel Qaddafi and Major Genaral Saleh of Yemen, welcoming and legalizing, at the same time, the new Islamic ready-made substitutes and comers. Regardless of being a blatant interference in other states' internal affairs, one may, logically, inquire why Obama kept so shameful, polite and silent, and he didn’t utter a single word, or send the same call to his Saudi- protected Bahraini Monarch, whose forces, with the help of Al Jazeera Shield military forces, mercilessly, crushed the Bahraini civil movement killing dozens of civilians and, thus, reiterating the one and ultimate truth about the bloody nature of these "Springs", and, at the same time, protecting, materially and morally, the old regimes. Footnotes: (1) Sheikh Qaradwi, in a famous fatwa, in Cairo, called publicly for the killing of American civilians. He has many other fatwas regarding Christians, Jews and other minorities

* Syrain Lineral and Secular writer.

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