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10 April 2010

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My First Article in ArabTimes

I would like to say that I read ArabTimes for a long time now and I don't think that there is another Arab newspaper that has more freedom of speech than ArabTimes. If there was a better newspaper then I wouldn't be here but there isn't.

 We live here as Arab citizens in Israel and we enjoy the democracy, freedom of speech and human rights which every Arab citizen dreams to have even 5% of it and this is the truth and nobody can close his eyes to it.

 We are, the Arabs and the Jews here in Israel, living in peace togather and the problem between Israel and the Arab countries is not are problems but we wish that Israel and all of the Arab countries would have peace togather and the Palestinians who escaped or sold his house and his land and went to live in Arab countries, he can stay there because this is what he chose to do because the Arabs here are living a good life and if those people who escaped or sold return back to the state of Israel, it will only cause more problems for us because Israel will throw them on us and it will make all kinds of problems for us.

 They can live there and the arab countries can give them citizenship because the arab countries are rich and big, they can help them. We believe that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is possible and the Palestinians can have west bank and Gaza and that Jerusalem can be the capital of Israel for ever because Muslims have the right to come and to pray in the Alaqsa Mosque and I myself being a Muslim don't see any problems with that.

 I hope that this article will be published and I apologize for writing this in English because my computer only has Hebrew and English on it and I hope also that if the publish it, that they write my name in Arabic and in my profile too that I am an Arabic author from Israel. Thanks

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