From :
Sent : Monday, November 29, 2004 1:53 AM
To :
Subject : home land Palestine, not Jordan

Dear Agent Time

I would like to tell you something very important about your news.

1-Itís very clear that your news is Palestinian against Jordanian.

2- Full of mistakes you did mention that ministry of health was hit by someone then you change it.

3- You donít know very well the Jordanian family structure.

4-You are not aware about the number of the Educated Jordanian.

5- Jordan will not be your country what ever the price will cost, I mean it very well.

6- If you donít know the ethics its better to read about it.

7-Very well known mark, the person who is speaking about the ethics has no time to apply it in his home, so please try to think about your family ethics before you attack the people.

8-I was boarder line from some story but thanks God , I spend some time with some Palestinian people like your situation( homeless) , so I shifted my self to be one of the most supportive people to my Country and my King.

9- If your home from glass donít through stone.

10-you should spend time in your home land Palestine, not looking for the other people home lands.