Sent : Monday, November 22, 2004 1:00 AM
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Subject : To Dear Dr. Osama

Dear Dr. Osama Fouzi,

I want to thank you for your article on Marwan Barghouti. I am a Palestinian and I want to confirm all what you have mentioned in that article. The names are so accurate. Mr. Barghouti was a leading figure in all efforts to normalize relations with Israel. Thus, for all those who knew him so well, it was shocking to see that he started to act differently when the second intifada erupted. He bacame the leaders of the intifada. How come? Al Jazeera was the first to call him the leaders of the intifada. Marwan was just looking for leadership at the expense of the Palestinian people. He will be back to pay his show and continue the tragedy after Arafat died. Now, there is a need for such dirty figure to bring more suffering and pain to the people of Palestine.

Best regards,
Sami Ali