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Dear sir

There is a phenomenon that many are not aware of; As the US troops are entering Fallujah and e see the destructions of houses there, with mosques being bombarded. It has just occurred to me that there is an important comparison here to be addressed, however we need toreturn the clock to 1991 when mosques in Kerbella were looted by the special elite unit from Falluja, when men over the age of 15 were executed by Saddam Kamel by forcing the victims to drink petrol then shooting them in the mouth so that the fire is lit in the mouth

All that was to deprive the Shia majority from their simplest rights represented in free worshipping, a comodity that they were deprived from meanwhile the Yezydi sect who are devil worshippers who live in northern Iraq were free to worship the devil..

Are you aware that when Hussain Kamel entered the mosque of Imam Hussain in the Eid of Ramadhan year 1412(hijry). We all heard then (prior to his trivial end) that he stood arrogantly at the tomb of Imam Hussain Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib, the grandson of the most blessed prophet Allah ever created and said with his famous words that echoes in the ear of so many of us as he kicked the tomb, Imam Hussain “Get up I am Hussain and you are Hussain, let’s see who shall prevail today as victorious”.

Little did he, the son-in-law of his arrogant master whom he worshipped rather than worshipping the creator, know that exactly after 6 years to the day, he was to be executed on the same day that he said these words, his head was presented to his master as a trophy on Eid .

I beg to point out that the unit that attacked Kerbala, on the last week of Ramadhan was an interior ministry special Para-military unit of recruits from Fallujah, it attacked Kerbella with the famous slogan written on their tanks “There Shall be No Shia from this day on”.

Allah has his own way, today the Sheikh of “Salafia” or rather “Safallia” , sheikh Mehdy Al sumaidey ( who is coincidently the cousin of the Tariq Al Sumaidaey, the man in military uniform we saw on the notorious video where he read the execution order to blow up the 3 filmed victims please see - , has criticized the Shia for not supporting Falluja. The question begs itself to ask; where were these Safallia when 35000 were slaughtered this day 12 years ago? Where women with children were buried alive by bulldozed contractors hired by Saddam from the Kubaisat family clan dug the mass graves.

Where were these Safallia when Saddam Kamel the brother of Saddam Kamel decided to use agricultural harvesting machines to “harvest” the heads of the innocent victims in the area on Khan Al Nus.