From : Mohammed Mohammed
Sent : Friday, November 12, 2004 3:15 AM
To :
Subject : Fouad Al-Hashem

Dear Dr Fawzi
First of all I would like to congratulate you for your creativity in writing. The way you express the daily concerns of the Arab citizen in rather a sarcastic way has really made me addicted to logging on to the website and sometimes re-reading some of the articles particularly those regarding Brigadier General Watermelon, Mrs Banana, and "fadee7at" al-Sheikh Yousef Qaradawi again and again!! Well I will be sending you a personal email in the future to further express my gratitude.

This is the very first time I write to you and please do accept my sincerest apologies for writing to you in English as I am currently residing in the UK and have no facilities for typing in Arabic.

I have read all the articles you have quoted from the Kuwaiti "writer" Fouad Al-Hashem until the very recent one you have published today.

Although I may disagree with President Yasser Arafat may he rest in peace on most of the issues (in a similar manner to yours) but this under no circumstances means that I shall be happy and gloating his (or anybody's) death as this is a very shameful act (I assume that you do agree with me Dr Fawzi).

Fouad Al-Hashem seems to have a personal problem with Jordanians and Palestinians that is reflected in much of his writings. I really cannot put my finger on that problem. I was born and raised in Kuwait and lived there until the age of 15 and gladly left that vagrant country in 1990. Virtually, since I were a child, and years before the invasion of Kuwait. that guy was on the same wavelength.

Even with the man's death, he took advantage of the chance. In this very recent article of his, which you have quoted of al-WATAN newspaper, he praised "Egypt's decision to arrange for Arafat's funeral despite the fact that Arafat insulted and offended Egypt in 1970 and 1979 respectively is to be praised....the greats remain great, and the little remains little". Do you think that the relationship between the Egyptian and Palestinian is so simple and shallow that the Egyptians will listen to your crap, mate?! The answer is NO, if you ask any little Egyptian boy nowadays about his opinion on the Palestinian cause, he will respond by saying that Palestine is a pure EGYPTIAN internal case!! Our relations with the Egyptian people are so historic and strong even before a sheikhdom called Kuwait ever emerged on earth.

In one of your previous articles (LIMAZA YAKRAHOONAHOM),also quoted by Arab Times from AL-WATAN, you started your cheap and manipulative games.

First, you have mentioned that the Iraqi people went straight away to areas populated by the Palestinians and kicked them out of their houses. The actual story was that a few people have done this but still many Palestinians are still living in their homes in Baghdad and a friend of mine once mentioned to me in Amman (during one of my visits there) that his dad went back to Baghdad after the end of the battles and said that his Iraqi neighbours protected his home as all Iraqi people were equipped with arms at the time (and until present I assume). Also, when Sheikh Yassin has been assassinated, demonstrations were throughout Iraq mourning his death. Even at the present time, logging on to forums on websites like the BBC, aljazeera and alarabiya, I saw so many comments from Iraqis (even those who hated Arafat) urging the Palestinians to remain united and reminding them that they are strong people and can always make the right choice. No one has selected you to defend the outing of people from their homes. We and the Iraqis have been coexisting and I am sure Dr Osama agrees with me here as we had so many Iraqis who fled to Jordan after the "liberation" of Kuwait and have been living like bretheren with us. So many Iraqi men married Palestinian women and vice versa. They do not need some body like you (brother of KHANEETH AL FEREEJ) to come and lecture them.

Secondly, you tackled the Jordanian - Palestinian conflict in 1970. Yes, it has been a bloody conflict, and yes there were mistakes and yes there was life loss. But so many will agree with me here (including Dr Osama Fawzi, Mr Salah Momani, Mrs Toujan Faisal (whom you have tried to rip the reputation of and she struck back so courageously, if you remember), and Haj Ibraheem Itewee) that the relationship between the TWO PEOPLE (and sorry for saying two people here because I believe that they are ONE PEOPLE) is like a wall strong enough not to be shattered by morons like you. Finally, you continue to the Lebanese - Palestinian relation as though as you want to remind all these people of old wounds so that they can share with you your psychological hatred of Palestine.

Man, I feel so so sorry for you. If you look today, you may have noticed that the French Presidency have arranged for comemorating Arafat just like conventional presidents of any INDEPENDENT country. This is not for Arafat himself, its a recognition by a world power of the state of Palestine and respect for the people whom you are insulting and offending continuously. Do you think that they will do the same for your prince or "father" Yaber (Jaber)?! Who cares about him anyway. At the same time (regardless of how we feel about them), the king of Jordan, and president Lahoud of Lebanon will personally fly to Cairo to the fumeral of the guy. This is not because they are noble people and that they care about Arafat. It is simply because of their people and the growing strength of relations to Palestine and its people. What you need to know, you cheap and hypocritic piece of trash, is that Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine. The son of Irbid, Ma'an and Kerak owns as much of Jerusalem as does its son, and the son of Hebron, Bethlehem and Ramallah owns as much of Amman as its inhabitants. There is absolutely no difference between us. Also the Lebanese Palestinian relation is that of common resistance, understanding, culture and mutual respect and recognition of each other. Egypt to all Palestinians is like a mother and I am sure that we would never find such good hearted, kind, simple and affectionate people as the Egyptian people. Iraq and its people will always remain dear to us (by the way my friend, I hate Saddam Hussein to death not because of what he has done to you, but because of what he had done for his own people). Have you read all this? If not read it again and again.
The problem with you is that you only know three places in the world: Kuwait and your "father" Yaber, London (only pubs and prostitutes), and Washington (the White house where your master lives). Nothing else. This is why you think that people only listen to their ruler who goes to London to f*** women and get drunk and gets his instructions from his master in Washington. We are different than you are. We came from history that is thousands of years old. We believe in our history that has never let us down. Yes, we sufered various occupations and losses but because of our faith and unity we eventually won in history (the power of civilisation if you heard of it, I don't think so).
I hope that you can read this article and understand every word that is if you even know English (the good side of England). Mind your own business and just keep to the feet of your "father" Yaber.

Dr Osama and friends at Arab Times: I hope that I was a good writer. You have the right whether to publish or not this response and feel free to do anything with it. I will appreciate it if you can conceal my email address.

Many thanks
Mohammed Mohammed