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Subject : life in kuwait

my name is .........
i am a 13 year old kid that just moved new to kuwait. im an arab, but i've lived in canada my whole life. i came here new and was astonished by the how different it is here.

I feel like im re-born, learning many new things and meeting new people. Most of my family is here, but i still dont feel normal, i feel like a complete stranger. Over here is different. Somethings are different in a good way, and somethings are different in a bad way, but everything is different. Over here the guys are out for a VERY long time, and they hate something called home. but the girls are stuck home and never are allowed to go out. When a guy my age or a little bit older, sees a girl that is good looking, they freak out and stock her. i don't understand it, like, what's the point?. What are they gonna gain out of this stupidity? it seems like they have NEVER seen a girl in their lives, i find it pathetic.Many guys think they are cool by smoking, I use an excuse when some idiot offers me one, i say i'm alergic, or i say i don't wanna ruin my life. I'm a very athletic kid, im faster then any kid here, so i'm not gonna ruin it by putting that dirt into my lungs just to seem cool.

 I came to kuwait with very long hair, i was able to tie it, but i didn't. I just flipped it back and i felt cool and i liked it.When i came here i noticed all these people were looking at me. i asked my cousin why all these people are looking at me and he said "your hair is too long". the next day i went and shaved my head. I didn't want the headache of critisizers. I'm not in school yet, but i am going into one. I was suppose to go into this VERY nice and beautiful school, but it cost 3093 kd a year.

THAT'S a lot of money.i live RIGHT in front of the school, so i see everything. I even see that there is no parking lot. it is crazy, me and my father were going somewhere, and important place, for his work. and we were in a rush. we started the car at 2:35pm, thats when the school finishes and all the cars start to come to pick up their kids. me and my dad were stuck in traffic for over 45 mins, we were on the SAME road for that long. after 45 mins of sittin in a car waiting for peopel to go, i could still see my house. everytime my dad wants to pass, cars don't let him, they just speed by, it's just as easy to press breaks as it is to press gas. but if u press the breaks and stop for a man or women to back up and go, you would of done something good, somethin very kind. but if you just speed up and don't let the person pass, what did you just gain, makin the person tryin to back up swear, and hope that u crash, what.... you cant wait more then 5 seconds to let him pass. People here don't have manners while driving, it drives me crazy!! I like this country, a lot. kuwait is a very nice country, no dout about that. But WHY does this happen? WHY are teens so lost and confused ruinin their life at such a young age? WHY, can't a girl be left alone when tryin to go to a convince store? WHY, don't people have absolutly any manners while driving? What, their 5 seconds are to presious?

I'm the type of person who likes to take oppuratunatie of chances. I see this is a good chance, it might even make me famous. You never know. If i have a chance to get to know a very beatiful girl, I WOULD, if i had a chance to get a job, I WOULD. As long as the chance would bring somethin good out of it or bring something good out of for my family and friends. I love living in kuwait, i wake up and hang out with all the friends in the world. SO many nice people its really good. but i'm just pointing this out hoping it would make a difference. When I was in canada, many girls wanted to go out with me and many guys wanted to be my friend. I dont want to seem like i am concided but, it is because i saw the positives and negatives. and that is what i am pointing out to all of you. I hope this email is read and taken seriously. I hope u find a small place to put this in ur newspaper. and if you would like more of this or of me this is my email:


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