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Date : Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:33:02 EDT

I have been reading your articles since 1990. In most of these articles, you criticize Arab leaders for all the faults they have, and you put the blame squarely on their shoulders for the misery and suffering of all Arabs. However, you failed to notice that the nature of Arab people dictates the governing style of those leaders.

I have been to many Arab countries, and as a man who lived in the US for a long time and believes in freedom and democracy, I would treat these people the same way their leaders are treating them if I was a leader. I find us (Arabs) to be low quality people, and that goes for all of us. When we begin to understand the very basics of civilization, then and only then we can begin to dream of freedom and democracy.

Are you telling me that leaders are the reason why we can't stand in line? Are they to blame for the way those people drive, or cross the street? Do the leaders order the people to throw garbage anywhere and everywhere? Government employees are civilians, did the leaders order them to drink tea and smoke in their departments and not to worry about the needs of their follow citizens?

I don't think I need to give more examples, because you know exactly what I am talking about since you lived in Zarka, Jornan.The least civilized city on the planet, and the perfect model of low grade people.

Look at us here in the US, I think we are the worst, most embarrassing community in the United States. Mr. Fawzi, we simply refuse to be civilized, and what makes more painful is we know it. However, every one of us thinks it is the other guy. I was in Jordan this summer, I was stunned to hear people, including Iraqis, say the Iraqis deserve a leader like Saddam, he (or someone like him) is the only one who is capable of keeping them in line. Leading is like steering a car, if you drive a piece of junk, that is out of alignment, you'll be all over the road. If you drive a luxury car, the very luxury of that car dictates the way you steer. Civilized nations dictate the way they are being ruled, Arabs are being steered all over the road and that is why their driving record is full of fatal accidents.


From : andrew lebedenski <>
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Subject : Osama Fawzi & Abu Omar

Date : Sat, 4 Oct 2003 00:01:18 +1000 (EST)

I was browsing on the Internet,on the home page of Arab times.Me as a person I like to read this web page,where I found an article which was written by Abu Omar in the English language,and where he was taking about the Arabic Leaders and Arabic Nation .Yes,I agree that arabic people are far from civilization,not because Arabic people are a low quality people as you said dear Abo Omar ,but because Arabic people have lost the trust in them selves like a holy nation and a big one nation.In the past as I know that Arabic nation was a huge one nation ,where Arabs could put there power approximately everywhere in this planet .Arabic person get used to this high dignity ,but suddenly ,it was vanished.In regards to Iraqy nation ,I found them very educated and interesting people.I should note that ,there is no bad nation ,but there is only bad people .And I think that you can find all those bad everywhere in ower planet as same as you can find all those good everywhere as well .If you as an Arabic person Mr.Abo Omar and any other one will say that `` Arabs is a bad nation `` ,this nation wouldn`t be good at all .If you treat a kid from the childhood as an idiot,you will raise an idiot ,even if this child is mentally doing well or normal.Please note that ,what am saying is a psychological fact,and I found Arabic Nation is one of the most creative nations in the world .

Yours Faithfully


From : "A.Mohammed Ali" <>
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Subject : Arab Leaders and civilization
Date : Sat, 04 Oct 2003 15:09:22 +0100

To Mr. Fauzi Usama

It is unjust to describe Arab leaders as dictators and the Arab nation the most uncivilized nation on the planet. Let me tell you that Arabs, more precisely Muslems including Arabs, are the most civilized people and, as you must know, were and still the source of civilization. We all know that the Arab nation had considerably contributed to the world civilization during the Dark Ages and the present so-called civilized nations should express their gratitude to Arabs and Muslims alike. It is not true that Arabs and Muslims do not like civilization. The fact is that their enemies do not like them to civilize and develop and what is happening in all Muslim and Arab countries is just an example. Everone in the West, including you, think that Arabs and Muslims are terrorists and therefore must be severely punished and git rid of. Is it fair to consider a person defending his/her country or a belief a terrorist and uncivilized? If this is the case then what about the so-called civilized nations attacking other countries killing the people and destroying schools,houses...etc Do you think this is civilization? How many people in the World dying of malnutrition and the lack of medical care? Why they get no help from the "civilized" country number 1 in the World, the US? I do not see any civilization in a nation where dogs and cats are more valuable than humans. I do not believe that a nation is civilized when it imposes illegitimate sanctions to starve the people of another nation. The only type of civilization that the West would allow Arabs and Muslims to have is the western style of life. As Muslims, including Muslim Arabs, we strongly oppose to the western style of life and if this is the only way we become civilized, we prefer to remain uncivilized. It is up to the West to have whatever style of life they like but they have no right to impose it on other nations as they are trying to do. If imposed on us Muslims, then we have all right to defend ourselves, our belief and nation by whatever means we have and nobody can stop us. God is Great and long live the Muslim Nation.

A.Mohammed Ali


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Subject : Re arab times.article by dabbeh
Date : Sat, 4 Oct 2003 12:26:14 EDT

Regarding Abu omar or Debbaeh.
I read Your letter to Arab Times,
It is sad that you don't see what happen to Germans, Italians, the Japanese under dictatorships! And how they behaved toward each others, in Russia under Stalin for example, and toward others.
Saying that people have a quality in them that you call low, etc., only shows how you are ashamed of yourself, or that if you are not originally Arab, how much you hate others. Actually what you said, is exactly what Nazis about Jews.
Your self hate, or hate for the Arabs, only shows your ignorance, racism and how shallow you are.
Your pathetic analysis, you being an Arab or a racist shows your shallowness. It's the same remark that a KKK would say about a poor black neighborhood in America, or whites of south Africa during apartheid ...I feel no sympathy for your ignorance and hateful life. You surely deserve it.

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Subject : Re: Re arab times.article by dabbeh

Date : Sat, 4 Oct 2003 14:21:10 EDT

Thank you for your e mail in response to my article in Arab Times. I gather, from your response, that you are not a deep thinker. for example, you questioned if I am an original Arab, even though every time I mentioned Arabs I said we. Have you had broad vision and deep thinking, you would've come up with a different conclusion. However, not all of us are gifted at the same level (OOPS, here comes my racism again). I'll do you a favor and summarize what I meant. When things get to be as bad as what we (Arabs) have been going through, and in order to rebuild what once was a great civilization, you go back to the basics. Blaming the leaders, or the West is not where you start, looking in the mirror is a good beginning.

Respect & Regard,
Abu Omar


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Subject : Fwd: Re arab times.article by dabbeh
Date : Sun, 5 Oct 2003 11:50:52 EDT

Its useless to comment ..if you think people are born bad ..I feel bad for Omar ..Ya Abu Omar .