Subj: batiki issues
Date: 4/16/01 11:07:15 Central Daylight Time
From: (Mohamed Nezami)
To: ('')

Hello Dr. Osamah. I was reading the documents you have stored on your website regarding Dr. Abadi. I was also wondering if you know the following:

I heard from a former employee of the Jordan information office in DC, which is a small outlet for Batiki, that the assassination plot against you was actually carried out by Mr. Batiki. Batiki's British wife is connected to another Jordanian minister who has a British citizenship, his name is Saleh Gallab. Mr. Gallab was the minister of information, and was thought to be a close friend, and probably was assigned as minister by Batiki, during the period that king Hussain was unable to run Jordan and the same
time that Gallab was minister. Mr. Gallab has a son in USA, whose citizenship is also British, his name is Bashar Gallab. Bashar, his father, and Batiki plotted the assassination plot against you, instead, they could only reach your son. They have also carrier out a campaign of blocking your paper from reaching 100s of Arab stores throughout the USA. Mr. Bashar Gallab is now resident of USA in the state of Pennsylvania. In case if you recall, several times you were attacked by a person named Bashar Bataineh, that was actually Bashar Gallab.