Subj: Abdel Bari Atwan
Date: 7/6/2003 5:29:11 AM Central Standard Time
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I read your online edition of Arabtimes, sometimes I do not like what you say. But now I would like you to see this. I used to see Abdel Bari Atwan on Arabian TV channels where he used to attack everybody as if he is the only one on earth who has honor, sense and patriotism. I used to ask myself, is all what he says true, are the Arab people as bad as he claims? He is a good
actor, I mostly believed him, and many people did believe him. Last Sunday I was watching BBC's Dateline, and Mr Atwan was a guest. The topic was the cease-fire agreement announced by Palestinian militant groups. The honorable guest argued with the other guests the this cease fire was chance must be given time, and that the Palestinians would respect the agreement etc... He really seemed a man who stood by the agreement, a man who waiting for the results and a man was so anxious to see the road map work. That program did not leave much effect because I have always believed such discussions were useless. One day later, I saw Mr Atwan on an Arabian channel (Abu Dhabi I guess). I was surprised to see that he was discussing the same topic, but his views were totally different. He was shouting that the cease fire was an American plot, all its results were trivial and that the Palestinians should be ashamed etc... I will not discuss the views. What made me write was the hypocrisy this man demonstrated. In 24 hours his views shifted from one end to the other. I have always been indifferent about Atwan, but since last
week I started to despise him. And I tell him shame on you.

From Palestine