Subj: Seikh Saif UAE
Date: 8/3/2003 12:59:24 PM Central Standard Time
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Dear readers from Arab Times

If some countries like the UAE donít give any access to you homepage they are afraid for the free media and got for sure something to hide.
Against Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi is running, first time in the German history, a case of kip napping.
The public prosecutor in Halle / Germany is now hearing some witnesses from the UAE. File number 426 Js 46501/02
Myself, I have been for 7 Ĺ month in Abu Dhabi jails without any charges. To scare me they put me in one room in C.I.D. HQ and were torture other inmates. Every night in June 2001 the Police were even using electro shocks .Every night you could hear them screaming.
To make it clear, I am not against any Moslems nor any locals in the UAE. In matter of fact for all this is Sheikh Saif personally responsible.
Whenever you become to know anything about human rights violation you should not be silent and complain wherever you can. At the moment I donít know how to stop the violence against the inmates in the Abu Dhabi jails but I still will fight for it.
More about the criminal efforts about the Sheikhs in the UAE you may find in
Dreamland Nightmare ISBN 3 8311 4017 0 in all book stores in Germany, Austria or Switzerland or via the internet. Import to the UAE IMPOSSIBLE.