His Excellency, ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

3504 International Drive, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 966 - 3110
Dear Ambassador, HE Mr. Eng. Karim Kawar:

I enjoyed reading and hearing your recent remarks in the world media in favor of secretary of state Mr. Collin Powel regarding the Middle East fairness, human right, women rights, and democratization. Yes your excellency, we would like to see that our Arab countries join the rest of the world in electing officials, having equal rights to women, and having a great human right record each year. However the situation as I know it and as you know it, is not one that you could achieve with 29 Million US$,
maintaining the so-called "moderate leaders", maintaining the full US support to Israel and the cheap oil. As you know, in the Arab world (except in Jordan thanks to Allah) we are still ruled by oppressive regimes, most of which has no legitimacy
from its people and only a conditioned legitimacy from those who are in control of the world order.

Mr. Ambassador, your excellency, two years ago I was about to enjoy a trip to see my parents in Jordan (Jarash), after having worked a long hard year in the USA-Florida, instead I was diverted from the airport to the GID, after which I was tortured by your friends at the GID for three days, who then throw me at the capital jail with criminals and for no good reason. 
After that I was transferred again to the Jweideh jail for fifteen days. During this period I had opened my eyes to a great deal of corruption, human right violations, and unfairness that in no ones mind can exist in Jordan, but it does and I have the names and incident that proves it. After fifteen days in Jail I was charged by the Military court for slandering king Abdallah while chatting to an undercover agent from the GID on the Internet (http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/redmond/431/case.htm). I was then sentenced using the name of the king (see attached court papers) for a year in jail. The charges were supposedly for having repeated remarks regarding your classmate the king on an internet site chat forum that is run by the Mokabarat (which I knew, and had known some agents by person!). The internet chat place (baladna.com) included those who exchangedserious chats that included things that were circulating among Millions in Jordan during the initial throne transfer to your classmate including a great deal of rumors and acquisitions against the former king inner corrupt circle. Rumors which are known to be credible among people in Jordan, and some even were exposed recently. All of which is no reason for a civilized nation to jail a citizen and torture mhim for having taken part in it.

Mr. Ambassador, I would like to seek your advice on whether such a story be told to the media and in particular to Mr. Powel, and remind him that his friendly king has men around him who are involved in a great deal of human right abuse including members of his own family such as Prince Raid who took part in my torture (ask him about the Texas Dr., Mr. Abu Melhim story). Your excellency my chats on the Internetm included discussions regarding corruption, drug dealings, illegal access to have monopoly over national resources such as public telephones license, IT, radio frequency license, cellular phones license, medical equipment, …etc, and even arm smuggling by top officials in Jordan, all of which were removed and instead the GID performed insertion of remarks against your king that were put to set me up and then send mem to the military court, whose judges and prosecutors are highly influenced by the GID and the corrupt officials in Jordan (this is per their testimony in private talks in their houses!). All of the chats that included acquisitions against the corrupt Majalies, Sherif Zaid, Sherif Raid, were removed from my file by the GID, but included a modified version of a chat the I did in which I gave my opinion regarding a king who is knew to me and to all Jordanians, based on what I have always heard about him in the streets of Jordan.

As a result of the short vision of the GID, the incident did not cause me to feel very sorry, nor it rebelled others from expressing themselves freely in  Jordan and outside Jordan, instead it had caused a great deal of agony and dislike of the king and his regime from those that had lived and heard about my story at a time the king was desperate for gaining and strengthening his popularity. "Thousands of students in Jordanian universities were circulating what I had said about the government, and were congratulating me for having been brave to stand up and say it" someone relayed that to me while in Jordan at the time. As I said, my human right violation was detailed several Internet sites and reported by several human right organizations, including publication by three US based Arab newspapers, all of which used it as an example of Arab regime terror. If I had agreed at the time, several TV stations in the USA would have aired it, and it would have been filed as an UK legal complaint against Mr. Batikhi a British citizen and a formal complaint to the US congress. But I had chosen to keep it as a lesson, which I only had paid 15000 US$ and spent 18 days in Jail, which is very cheap tuition to exploring our own current government and how it operate. So, your Excellency yes I'm for the change that you and Mr. Powel had suggested, and let us work with those who want the change for the good of our people, and not those that are only changing the rules of the game.

Finally, please forgive me your Excellency if I in this letter did any wrong. In my humble way, I only mean good for my country and its people.


Mohamed Khalid Nezami, Ph.D.
Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer and adjunct EE

A citizen of Jordan and a citizen of the USA,
Living in Florida, Saturday, December 14, 2002