Jordan, its King, and the Embassy 


8/9/2003 10:47:10 AM Central Standard Time



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Dear Sir/Madam..
In this email, I won't add anything new, just some information, that are mentioned in the jordanian Alrai newspaper, and you can go back and check there website.Monday august 4th 2003, King abdullah went into a "special vacation", that the newspaper didn't mention its destination or how long it will take him to come back, you can refer to this link:
prince hamza became in charge of the kingodom, which sounds good so far.thursday, august 7th 2003, the jordanian embassy in Baghdad was trageted in a terrorist attack, and some of the jordanian staff who were there, were injured and taken to the hospital. go to:
friday, august 8th 2003, the king AND prince Hamza were in England for queen
Iman graduation!!

do i still have to mention anything else? is my point clear yet? well, maybe not. in 1996, when two american embassies were targeted in Africa, Mr. President Bill Clinton halted all his activities as a result of the attack, and we didn't hear that he left the country for any reason. becuase an attack on the embassy is no different than an attack on the country itself, regardless of the nationality of the people killed (most of those who were killed in the American embassy attacks were africans not americans).the King of jordan goes into a "special vacation" , leaving everything to prince hamza! in USA when the president takes his "special vacation" all the United States will be informed about its length and destination. well, lets keep the king some privacy and not talk about his "special vacation." Couple of days after the king took off from amman, the embassy was trageted and attacked, doesn't it worth coming back to the country? is the "special vacation" more important than the jordanians who got injured or the embassy
that was damaged and looted and the "pictures" that were burnt, all due to the jordanian international policy in a way or another? I personally don't know what was the vacatoin for? or how did the king spend the vacation, because the Alrai doesn't mention suth a thing. The French President sent a letter to the king to show some sympathy, I don't presonally know who opened and read the letter if the king was on special vacation! that must be a rude action!

   furthermore, the next day, the king attends queen iman's graduation in England, that must be important enough!!! and maybe that's why the king didn't go back to amman, maybe he wanted to save the very poor country some money, instead of going to amman and then back to london. but his brother prince hamza who's supposed to be running the country is there in the graduation too! more than being funny, the story is making me cry and sympathize with the more than five million jordanians living under this irresponsible type of monarchy.
   so that I don't be biased, I would ask myself why should the king come back to amman anyways? he took some days off from the office, and it's not his fualt that the embassy was attacked during the vacation! who cares anyways? the FBI is not investigating the accident although it didn't hit thier embassy, they even sent a team of invistegators to Suadi Arabia when the compound was hit about 2 months ago. the jordanian intellegence didn't send a team to iraq yet, they might be busy to look for people who criticise the governement or the king, or busy with blocking the website, or who knows? maybe with another scandal like the batteekhi's!!