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The Arab American community , with a population of over four million throughout the US , represents a major market and a strong buying power that have not been tapped for years by the American business community. The Arab Times Newspaper is the largest newspaper published in the US since 1986 with a readership of over 750,000 each month. The Arab Times is published every ten days ,   it distributed throughout the US , Canada , Europe , and the Middle East .  The Arab Times is distributed to regular subscribers in the aforesaid regions and sold in Arab-owned businesses in these same areas.Demand is so high that the paper is sold out in these locations within 24 hours of delivery.  Despite the large circulation, readership, and broad geographical distribution of the Arab Times, advertising rates are considerably lower than even those charged by local neighborhood publications.  This is your opportunity to reach a new market and important ingredient in America's melting pot: The Arab American Community..  The Arab Times is the most effective way to promote your name, your business, your merchandise, and your services within the Arab American Community.  For advertising click her

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the Scandals are Eye-Popping!, January 27, 2003
Reviewer: A customer
this newspaper is one of the Few Arabic newspapers that are shining the beginning image of Democracy in Arab Countries. Although the contents are strictly in Arabic.
the Archive of Scandals is through and extensive. It vary to as mush as anyone may wishes----from Arab leaders to Ambassadors to night club workers. This website/newspaper is a must-see for every Arab who wishes to know about how things are run in the Middle Eastern nations, espacialy, the Arabic-Speaking one.....and the Financial/Sexual/Political scandals of Arab leaders, polititians, and their workers and offsprings.
this is the Arabic it's finest!!!!
to make a long story short, THIS WEBSITE IS A MUST SEE FOR EVERY ARAB