Subj: A small something ..
Date: 5/7/01 11:21:55 Central Daylight Time
From: (............)

Dear sir,

I had to visit the middle east last month, Amman specifically, and Dubai for work for just one month and come back to Paris.

The only thing i was amazed about, the number of young people who asked me about your site arabtimes, they wanted me to connect into an international call to my ISP just to able to bypass the proxy they face if they connect through their own ISPs.

Almost ALL Arab ISP put proxy on your site IP.

Those people want to see your paper and articles, you won't believe how many are they, i have only seen few because of my short visit, but be assured that there are so many.

I asked them to subscribe, but they are all very afraid of their governments.

That is the only thing i wanted to tell you, will leave the rest for you ...