What you should know about Arab American Newspapers Published in America
Arab American Media FAQ
Arab American Newspapers' Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered
by : s.yousef , Arab times

Those interested in advertising in Arab American newspapers need some information about the Arab American community in general and, more specifically, about the Arab American publications themselves.
This is to enable them to know something about the community they are directing their advertisements at and the newspapers in which they are advertising. Seeing as there are no official or governmental sources about the Arab American community, or the publications published about, for, or among them, Arab Times have asked me to put together a quick summary based on my experience, readings, and personal relationships of the many questions that echo in the minds of those interested in placing an advertisement in an Arab American newspaper.
I hope this summary is helpful .

Q: What is the population of Arab Americans in the United States of America?
A: There does not exist a fixed and accurate census of the Arab American population, but there are organization and association estimates stating that the Arabs in America number between six and seven million Arab American.

Q: Where is the largest concentration of Arab Americans?
A: Arabs live in every state of the United States, but their numbers vary from one state to another. The majority of them reside in Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Florida, and Louisiana.

Q: What Arabic countries do the Arab Americans come from?
A: More than seventy percent of the Arabs in America came from or trace their roots to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, and Palestine. The remainder come from Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, and the countries of the Gulf such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

Q: What is the language that unites the Arab Americans from the countries listed above?
A: Arabs have one language they read, write, and speak, regardless of their differing national origin. Each Arabic country has its own local accent, which differs slightly from one country to another, just as accents differ between Texans and those from the East Coast.

Q: What are the predominant religions between Arab Americans?
A: Islam and Christianity.

Q: What are the professions and/or trades that Arab Americans are involved in?
A: Practically all professions/trades. There are amongst them doctors and scientists and college professors, as well as thousands of lawyers and engineers. The majority of Arab Americans though are self employed and involved in commerce.

Q: What is the number of Arab American newspapers published in the United States?
A: Approximately thirty newspapers and magazines.

Q: Are these publications sold in stores?
A: No, these newspapers and magazines are distributed for free, with the exception of Arab Times, which is the only Arab American newspaper that is sold, selling out immediately upon issuance.

Q: What are the newspapers that began publication in the eighties and have continued, without interruption?
A: Arab Times ( Tel : 281-799-0345 ) .

Q: Do Arab Times newspaper have web sites on the internet?
A: Yes, the URL for Arab Times is www.arabtimes.com ( Tel : 281-799-0345) .

Q: What is the average number of daily hits to Arab Times' electronic site?
A: Arab Times' electronic site is visited daily by between twenty and twenty five thousands visitors. This has ranked Arab Times number one in terms of daily hits when compared to all other weekly Arabic newspapers and magazines issued around the world. This has been proven and recorded with documents and by independent, specialized third parties.

Q: What is the substance of the material published on Arab Times' electronic site, and how often is it updated?
A: The material is purely informational, accompanied by many editorials and letters from readers. Arab Times' electronic site consists of two sections. There is a portion that is updated daily by a specialized news team, and another that is updated weekly.

Q: Does Arab Times allow the publication of advertisements on its electronic site?
A: Of course, one may advertise on Arab Times' site by calling the following number: (281) 799 - 0345. & (713) 594-3061.

Q: Why did you choose Arab Times newspaper over the others, even though you mentioned that the number of Arab American newspapers published in the United States are 30?
A: Because Arab Times newspaper is regular in its publication. Also, some of the Arab American newspaper, such as Arab Times, have been published continuously, without breaks, since 1986. The remainder of the 30 publications mentioned are published off and on, some of them seasonal, some of them yearly, and some are published once, are absent for several months, are published again, and so on.

Q: Is it possible for Arab Times to design an advertisement in the Arabic language and publish it in Arab Times as well as several other Arabic newspapers as a part of one deal or package?
A: Of course, Arab Times' ad department has significant advertisement design experience as well as long standing relationships with all the Arab newspapers published in the United States.you can reach Arab Times at : 281-799-0345

Q: Where does the distribution of Arabic newspapers take place in the United States?
A: In the Arabic bookstores and businesses that are frequented by the Arab American community to shop for their middle-eastern needs, such as food goods and others.

Q: What is the number of Arabic bookstores and businesses in the United States that sell items such as those above to Arabs?
A: There are not any statistics on the number of stores, but there are hundreds all throughout American cities.

Q: Are the thirty publications referred to earlier distributed in all cities of the United States?
A: No, all these publications are local and distributed only in city where they are published, with some copies sent by mail to advertisers. Arab Times is the exception, it is the only newspaper that is distributed all over the United States.

Q: Do you recommend advertising in newspapers such as Al-Ahram, Al-Haya, Al-Sharq Al Awsat, Al Ra'ey, and other daily papers that are published in the Middle East and distributed in America?
A: That depends on the audience you are targeting to sell your products or services to. If you are targeting the Arabic reader who lives in the Middle East, then advertising in these newspapers will prove beneficial. But if your aim is to market to the Arabs living in the United States, these newspapers are not read very much by them and the copies distributed of them are very few. It is recommended that you contact the distribution centers referenced below. These centers choose only one or two copies of the many newspapers mentioned earlier, while at the same time choosing hundreds of copies of Arab Times, for example.

Q: What about the Arabic satellite channels in the United States?
A: There are more than ten Arabic satellite channels whose broadcasts reach from the Middle East to the United States. Despite that fact, it is probably more beneficial for you to publish an advertisement in Arab Times, which is published in the United States, than in one of those satellite channels. This is for the simple reason that these channels reach the Arabs in America by way of satellite dishes, which are not easy or possible to install in homes or apartments. In fact, their installation is forbidden by some home associations and apartment management offices in most cities around the US. For example, in Houston one is not able to install a satellite dish in their home because it conflicts with the regulations of most home owners' associations. Apartment complexes don't allow the installation of a radio antenna, let alone a satellite dish!

Q: I wanted to advertise in some Arabic newspapers, and when I called they informed me that they are distributed in all US cities. How can I verify these claims?
A: Request from this newspaper the names and numbers of the businesses and stores where their newspaper is distributed, in cities other than where it is published. Call these places yourself and inquire about these publications and the level of readership they have. Next ask this newspaper for proof verifying that it ships its paper to states other than where it is published. Arab Times, for instance, provides its advertisers the shipping papers from its shipping agent, the United Parcel Service (UPS). These documents indicate the names, addresses, and weights of its shipments to hundreds of stores and businesses throughout the US, at the frequency of once every ten days since 1986.

Q: Are there any phone books containing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the Arabs in America?
A: No, there are some books consisting mainly of advertisements that are published irregularly and contain no more than five hundred names or addresses.

Q: Do the Arab-American organizations and associations have member lists that can be used to send out advertisements and letters to the Arabs?
A: Every organization and association has its own member list. For the most part, these lists are not made available to commercial institutions and consist of between one hundred to forty thousand names and addresses.

Q: What is the organization that owns this list of forty thousand names and addresses and is it possible for me to obtain it?
A: It is the newspaper Arab Times. Its listing is the largest listing that exists for the Arabs in America. It is followed by the member list of one of the largest Arab American organizations, which contains only six thousand names and addresses. Arab Times' listing is sold to advertisers. For more information about this listing, visit the following site:
or call : 281-799-0345 & 713-594-3061

Q: Is it possible to supply me with the phone numbers of some of these distribution centers so that I may contact them to confirm this information?
A: Yes, you can call the following centers:

GLENDALE (602) 842-2488
PHOENIX (602) 866-2555 & (602) 468)9565
TEMPE (480)-894-1905 & (480) 966-1971
SAN DIEGO (619) 284-6361
EL CAJON (619)401- 7200 & (619) 401-7222 & (619) 401-1000
ANAHEIM (714)535-1900 & (714)817-6907
COVINA , Basha Market 20802 E.ARROW HWY
SAN FRANCISCO , Samiramis Imports , 2990 Mission st
LAGUNA HILLS , Mediterranean Grocery , 25381 Alicia Parkway #A
GLENDALE , Pacific Mart 1008 N.Pacific
DENVER (303)756-4580 & (303)695-1090
DOVER (302)736-0152
PALM BAY(321)984-0058
WEST PALM BEACH(561)433-1164
MARIETTA(678)494-0711 & (770)499-7608
CHICAGO(773)483-4135 & (773)866-0101 & (773)284-8484
TINLEY PARK(708)429-7879
HICKORY HILLS(708)430-8944
DES MOINES(515)274-8943
AMES(515)294-9801 & (515)382-5220
BALTIMORE (410)298-3333
ROCKILLE , Asadur's Market 5536 Randolph rd
REVERE (781)284-0761
MINNEAPOLIS (612)781-9642
COLUMBIA HEIGHTS (561)433-1164 & (763)574-1986
KANSAS CITY(816)673-2450 & (816)231-3101 & (816)231-7437 & (816)241-3602
ST.ANN (314)298-8586
PATERSON (973)278-8779 & (201)881-1241
JERSEY CITY (201)333-5148
BROOKLYN (718)834-0845
RALEIGH (919)836-1300 & (919)755-6232
CHARLOTTE (704)568-5376
GREENSBORO (336)358-1501
FARGO , Toshi Product 1111 2nd ave North
CLEVELAND (216)688-1219 & (216)671-4661 & (216)251-5777
COLUMBUS , Holly Land Market 5798 Columbus SQ
PHILADELPHIA (215)324-7540
PORTSMOUTH , International Outreach 55 Dorothy Rd
GREENVILLE (864)211-9895
MEMPHIS (901)377-0707  & (901)320-5757
NASHVILLE (615)352-6234 & (314)298-8586
CHATTANOOGA (423)892-5575
WEST VALLEY (801)975-7805
RICHMOND (804)677-3343
FALLS CHURCH , Lacy Grocery 3716 Lacy Blvd & Mount of Olives 3403 Payne st , Aphrodite Greek 5886 Leesburg Pike & Prince Coffe 3821    S.George Mason Dr , Halal Meat Market 108 E. Fairfax st
VEINNA , Al-jibani 303-b mill st
ARLINGTON , Kabob palace 2315 S.Eads st
ALEXANDRIA , Mediterranean Bakery 352 Spickett st
EDMON'S (425)778-7011
MILWAUKEE (414)817-1959 & (414)671-0384
AUSTIN (512)832-8365 & (512)447-4444
SAN ANTONIO (210)691-1111 & (210)521-4848
FORT WORTH (817)377-2078


in England call :