January 14, 2002

Arab Times
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Article in the Form of an E-Mail Message Entitled, A Message from Her Majesty

Dear Sir or Madam:


You are herewith notified that the article, in the form of an e-mail message posted on your website at http:/www.arabtimes.com, which is attributed to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was never written, sent or approved by Her Majesty. For your convenience, a copy of the article is attached. This article should not be attributed in any way to Her Majesty. We hereby request that you immediately remove any attribution of the article to Her Majesty. We further request that you also post on your website a correction and retraction stating that the article in the form of an e-mail correspondence was never written, sent or approved by Her Majesty. In fact, Her Majesty has never sent an e-mail message to the Arab Times or otherwise corresponded with the publication.

John S. Willems

March 18, 2002
Mr. John S. Willems
White & Case LLP
1155 Avenue of the Americas
New York