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Sent : Friday, September 17, 2004 4:10 PM
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Subject : Commenting on your "Kalaseen" Article

Dear Mr. Fawzi

Sorry to write to you in English. I do not have Software that support Arabic.
Please if you are going to publish this, do not reveal my name or email address.
Sorry for not using my real email address, you know I still want to go to YEMEN to visit my family and I do not want to be ... (you know what is going to happen to me if "Al mokhabart" finds out that I was the one who wrote this. I know you are laughing about "Mokhabart". Yes Yes we have "Mokhabarat" in YEMEN, but you also know what is it for? Not to protect the country. It is to frighten the people.

I loved your article about the “Kalaseen”. In fact you educated me. I was like you before you went to the mall to buy “kalason”. I did not know about “Hang left or Hang right” or “Fly or No Fly”. Thank you so much.
I wanted to write about the “Kalason” characteristics or as we say in YEMEN “Serwal Kaseer” of our president “Ali Abdullah Saleh”. I do not know if he wears a “hang right” or “hang left” type of “kalason”, but I can say for a fact that he wears a “Fly” kalason.
I know you are going to wonder how the hell do I know? I know what you are thinking now. No, No it is not what you are thinking about. I never met the guy or been in a place with him where I can see his "kalason". This guy has been our president since 1978, and he has been "screwing" (I don't want to use the other word) us all these years. We are more than 16 millions people. Do you think he has time to pull down “yashal” his kalason every time he "screws" one of his people? I don’t think so. Poor our president (Ya haram), his responsibilities got bigger after the two parts of YEMEN became one part. He has been working over time "screwing" his people.
In another thought, I think our president does not wear “kalason” at all. It is easier this way. May be you noticed that if you saw him with president Bush just few months ago wearing the “Deshdashah” or as we say in YEMEN “Kamees” or “Zannah” wa “Algambiah”.

Joke: Some health related organization came to Yemen to check on how many people are infected with AIDS, and they were going to do random tests on as many people in the county as they could. One person suggested that they test the president and see if he is infected with AIDS then all the YEMENI people are infected because as I told you he has been “screwing” us for more than 20 years.

Because he likes his people so much, he is preparing his son to take over after he dies. He does not want any one other than him or somebody from his family to “screw” us. We are their property.

Thank you again so very much for Arab Times and for your articles,KEEP GOING
Sincerely yours,