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Sent : Saturday, September 25, 2004 12:33 PM
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Subject : The marriage of Yousif Al Qaradhawi

Dear Dr. Usama Fawzi,
It is allways my pleasure to read Arabtimes especially what you write ,and the other great writers like Ibrahim Elgendi and Dr.Amr Ismail and Al momani and many others. One article you guys all wrote about it ,Al Qaradhawi, and his VILE marriage of 16-year old girl.

Yes it is vile and ugly thing, BUT I don,t see that he did wrong thing depends on the ISLAM religion, the guy did little better than prophit Mohammad who married Aysha and she was 11 year old and some says 9 years old.

I have nothing against Islam or against the prophit or even against  Qaradhawi, BUT I HAVE AGAINST YOU GUYS why you closing your eyes when you attacking some one.

this is our twisted up bringing we know many things and we are afraid to say, So we die with our secrets,which kind of nation we are?

thank you very much ,regards
walid shishani/sweden