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Sent : Thursday, September 2, 2004 7:15 PM
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Subject : Reply to Fouad Sayma

Please publish this reply to the "so called" palestinian doctor Fouad Sayma on the topic "طلب انتماء للعصر الحجري".

Dear Fouad Sayma,

You have mentioned many points supporting the difficulties on check points with Gaza and , of course, the same applies to the other occupied lands specially the West Bank of Jordan, and the reason behind your logic is keeping large number of palestinians in the occupied lands in order not to lose the land as a result.

That is an opinion that I respect in one condition, if it comes from either a palestinian from inside the occupied lands or from a non palestinian person who cares about palestine, but for sure not from a palestinian who chose to leave palestine and live in Canada.

I am not blaming you for your choice, but don't ask others to sacrifice when you don't. Don't prevent others from choosing what was your choice one day. Gaza is very in need for doctors now, when doctors like you abandoned their people when they are in need, assuming that you are a medical doctor, don't ask them to resist and stay there. Keep the decision for everyone to decide for him/her self. Who wants to leave like you, let him/her leave, and who wants to stay there bravely, he will not leave even if we make it very easy for them to do so.

My opinion that we as muslims and arabs must support our brothers and sisters in palestine as much as we can, those who decide to leave and those who decide to stay, but of course the priority should be given to those who decide to stay. But under no circumstances we can decide for anyone other than ourselves wither to stay or to leave, unless we ourselves pick the hardest choice always in that struggle, and rare of us do pick the hard choice.

That applies to all people who are originally palestinians and chose by themselves (not forced to) another place to live because it is more safe and comfortable, they are originally palestinians, but now they are partially palestinians, and they can't talk for the real palestinians who still live in palestine all these hard years. There is no comparison. Specially those who picked western countries or citizenship's in other arab countries, and lost the right to live there as a result. It was there choice, and they did choose. They are no doubt as any muslim and arab and even more in care for palestine, they have part of their relatives, part of their history and memories, land, and culture there, but it is different than a person who lived there all his life, and has no memories outside there, No Comparison.

Your Muslim Arabic Brother
Omar Mohammad