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Sent : Monday, November 8, 2004 3:48 AM
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Subject : ArbaTimes

Dear DR, Osama

I must admit, I was never a subscriber to your paper, however I never had missed reading it, and following up your web site. You have intrigued me for some times, at first when I read your essays and articles, and web site, I thought you were another Arab looking for fame and pay off’s. But the more I read your work and publications I came to be a true believer that you are a unique person, and at that an honest to god person which he calls the facts as he sees it.

I am an Iraqi man (Assyrian Christian National) who grew up in this United States, and who befriended mostly Iraqis and Palestinians and Americans. It is also amazing how our views have come to cross path since I was a firm believer that Palestinians should have and for a long time, sought the support of Americans and not those of any Arab countries since most of the Palestine was lost due to betrayals and corruptions of Arab leadership, and I might also add the Arab people.

I wish you the best of luck to you and your family, and wish you will continue to be productive in your line of work although that is a sacrifice on your behalf with so many governments declaring you their enemy number one, but I am very positive knowing you, you are the rebellious type who takes as we say shit (excuse my language) from no one.

I very much admire your work and publication, the only two things I can help with is pass on your work and publication, and purchase your paper which I do almost on time whenever I visit SALAM restaurant in Chicago.

God bless you and your newspaper staff, and keeps you from harms way.

Sincerely yours Hermes