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Assalamo 3alaikom wa Ra7mato Allaho wa barakatoh:

Dear Mr. Sadiq Noor

I wish I had Arabic windows so I can write my response in Arabic, but since i don't have it then I will have to write in english, becasue I have to respond.

Dear Mr. Noor I am a Palestenian American, who lived in the arabic and Islamic countries, and now in the USA and everything Mr. Fowzy saying is true. pelase tell me one comparison between the arabs and here, when i had the palestenain lebanese document eveyone use to treat me like SHIT.

Im saying everyone, wiether its in an airporrt, or at a boarder. they told me WALA and talked to me like they are seeing a ghost.

I was transit in Jordan for a day, the took my passport and put me in the hotel, and told me that i cant step out of the hotel because im a "Palestenian", is that a crime? Where every one else was able to leave the hotel, is that what you call "ONE UNTITED COUNTRY", or is that the Arabic region you live in, or is it another one that I dont know, please tell me.

The last time i went to that region, promised myself not to go not to go back until i get my U.S citizenship. and once i got it i went to that region and beleive me, and you know that its true, eveything changed, I am the one who started treating them like shit and they still couldnt do anything to me.

one of the costume employees tried to be a bastard and asked me to bring him my old Palestenian I.D"Hawyee", and my response to him was as simple as I dont want to, he couldnt jail me or tell even tell me why not. but Imagine an Arabic person did that to him, what will happen to this person. I will leave the anser to you.

Now i attend of the colleges in the USA and I chose my major and the college didn't apply on me what i have to study, like in the Arabic countries, actually the college is helping me with picking the classes to complete my career, and the government is heloing me through my education life, either by paying for the school in full, or by giving me loans with a low interest fees, that the govenment wil pay for its interest fees, ebventhough that i just got nationalized. But back home the governmet doesn't pay for its children to study and build the country, instead it keeps the money for itself to spend it in Las vegas.

I would like to mention something now, that Mr. Fawzy's articles are Awesome because they express each and every Arabs' experiences.