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Sent : Saturday, November 6, 2004 6:41 PM
To :
Subject : Misleading article

Dear Sir,

Given that all the muslim nations are suffering from dictatorships , subsequently, most of our newspapers lack honest as they are instruments in the hands of our dictators, it is sad to see a paper based in the US to proliferate misleading statements about an entire sect and faith. A faith that has adobted knowledge of our great prophet and his deputy Ali Bin Abi Taleb, rather than the sword of Khalid Bin Al Waleed and the cunningness of Omer Bin Al Ass.
You article on Al Sistani’s “promise to send people to paradise as he holds the key to heaven” is in breach of copyrights as it echoes the lyrics of Saddam Hussain. I need to remind your paper that Saddam was the first to fabricated this story against the Shia sect and its followers of the estimated 180 million followers of this faith in Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippine, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
Your published article lacks imaginations and propagates the typical sectarian misleading truths regarding an entire sect that has many prominent figures in the history of Islam such as Ibin Seena, Jaber Bin Hayan, Abu Bakr Al Razi, Al Khawarizmi , Al Shareef Al Rathey, Al Mutanabby and numerous others.
Your misleading article merely indicates your lack of knowledge and your attitude towards a sect that has maintained the spirit of the religion that our great Prophet against the rulers and the majority of the followers of our rutheless rulers starting from Mu’aweya and ending up with Saddam, King Fahad, Kaddaffey and Yasser Arafat.
I would urge you and urge Sameer Ubaid to be more precise and honest when writing any article regarding the Shia sect.

May God lead us to the right path.

Jaffer Al Nydaa