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Dear Arabtimes:

I am a graduate student in the U.S. and Arabtimes is one of the news papers that I peruse almost daily. Also, I have many friends within the U.S. who do the same and many times we email each other certain articles that we found valuable at Arabtimes website so we do not miss. The most important is that we send your articles to many friends in the middle east to allow them read through only what we WANT THEM to read. As you know they cannot get these articles without sending them a copy from one of the Western countries.
I think you do not need me to explain to you how these articles moves from a person to another and from one group to another as the snow ball method of spreading news or tree branches. I think you have enough idea about that way of communication. I can assure you many of these articles comes back to me from many people that I do not even know them however they have my email and they do not notice that I was the one who originally sent the email.

Please publish this article:

Unfortunately, I usually found some ugly articles written by sick people who either do not know what they are writing or they are cheep enough so others can buy them from a strip shop to publish their poisons under their names. Here I mean those ugly seculars who write at Arabtimes.

Anyhow, I have a comment especially on those seculars who decided to fight against Allah the Creator and his messenger (Prophet Moh’d salla Alalh Alaih wa sallam).

I believe this news paper is meant to discuss certain issues at political and social levels. I do not think the religion should be prone for discussion by people who lack the knowledge on many issues of the Islamic religion.

Your website and news paper should be very global that allows people to claim their views and opinion away from hurting the feeling of others.

You should respect all the readers rather than hurting their feeling. In other words, no one has the right to mandate his personal opinion over the belief of others.

Here I have a question for those seculars “the ants.” Why they do not have any comments on the Christian and Jewish religion. Did they find these two religions complete enough and over the critique. Why they do not critique those who worship rocks and fire. Is Islam the only religion that is open for their empty brains (if any) for critique and comments.

I would assure you this is not new because these unwise animals are not new in the history. We had worse than them in the past who emerged whenever our empire retrieved for certain reasons. However, they should remember the Islamic empire (all thanks for Allah) is the only one that did not demolish over time. We had a lot of disasters happened over history were strong enough to destroy any nation. Fortunately, we still existing. That is not due to chance. Allah promised to keep this nation and this religion a live until the Day of Judgment. I know these words could aggravate the sickness of certain people (although they are not people). But I would say to the enemies of Allah die with your anger.

You seculars, if you are narrow-sighted go and read the history again. I assure all of these seculars that our empire is coming back on the top of all nations; just wait and see. I need you to understand that it is only the wisdom of Allah that we retrieved on many occasions in the past history and even at this current time. That is another way to observe how would other nations eat our flesh if we stop practicing the teaching of Islam and follow the tail of these nations. Islam teaches us that if we are not strong then our enemy will take any single occasion to attack us which have happened thousands of times. Also, this is meant to make us observe the difference between the Islamic Jihad and the regular fighting from the perspective of our enemy. For instance, look at the attitude and behavior of our enemy when they win a battle. Do you think the Creator would accept that? Do you think if we had the same attitude we could have build our empire from Japan til Spain? Is not it clear to you that those Western fighters have no culture, mercy and wisdom in treating their enemies. They go to war just to kill, while we used to open the land with all respect for the native population in order to teach them the message of their creator. We die as we practicing Jihad just to teach our enemy the message of Allah. Is there any scarify over or beyond this.

Look how these nations have disappeared from the surface of this planet after losing a battle or two. Why did not that happen to the Islamic nation? I know those who are against this article are less likely to answer this question; therefore, I would ignore their opinion. They may murmur and mumble some ugly words; however, they won’t be able to discuss the core of the point.