From : Salameh Abbadi <
Sent : Monday, January 3, 2005 11:52 AM,,,
Subject : How Cheap you are

Mr. Majali,

I never expected how cheap you are???? Some one can buy you and your pen for only first class ticket ???? that is unbeilvable how cheap you are. You wrote a daily column praising a staff member in RJ office in London because he upgraded you to a first class seat????

Does this person do this for all Jordanians in London or just for you. How come for some one who write to people in a daily newspaper accept a bribe and praise the man who did by writing on him. I am astonished how a newspaper like Al Rai publish such rubbish in their daily colums.

We expect people to write on how we fight corruption in this country (which already corrupted) and our famous newspaper encourage people like you to spread corruption. I am sure the Mukabrat paying your expenses in London to give a good example on how a stupid bedwen person behave in London in arogant way.

one time you walk in the streets waving Jordan Flag, next time you writing about British women like someone who never saw a women.Third time you write on one of your relatives in london,.....etc,

I congratulate such king and country for having you as their messanger to the world. keep going this way and spread this bad image every where.