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Sent : Monday, January 3, 2005 10:31 AM
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Subject : Fw: from Netherland

i am writing you to complain against the syrian Consul in Brussels ..his name is oukba Ali . he is a very evil guy and he is been very negative with the Syrian Arab and kurdish community ...refusing to gave us anypaper of our legal right addition all his staff is telling us that he is behind that ..and sometimes they asked for money .saying :that might convince him.
and in addition it is very hard even to sign a paper because he is rarely working ..and absent most of the time....we tried to talk with the ambassador (either by fax or phone)but when it comes to an Allawi person ,the top dog can do nothing ..even we tried to ask for help from some of his corrupted friends but the answer was pay to get your right ...or maye we should bring him a bribe he likes (either women or cars ).
i really feel sorry for the syrian Govermant who sends people like him who doesn't speak any language but the arabic ..and who sends ambassador who don't dare to hold him accountable.

i am writing you so you can publish that on your site and in arabic please i am sure his govermant will read and know what is he doing (because i think even his Govermant understands only arabic) ..
we are really tiered of those kind of idiots who are ruining our lives for no reason ...
thanks for your help