From :
Sent : Monday, January 3, 2005 4:37 AM
To :
Subject : reply to ebrahim aljundy

dear sir:
i hope you can deliver this message to mr IBRAHIM ALJUBDY:
dear mr ibrahim: i already read your writes at arabtimes location.
some of them are good,and most of them just show us that you are a person who lived in u.s for  how long i dont know,and it seams that you forget the base of what you are,and you dare to say that UZRAEEL with the arab leaders and may he got some dollars to keep them alife,is this match your simple brain to be a good arabian person who love the west and has a modern ideas,may be just to satisfied your american neiboures,and you dare to smash your god.
whats the differant between you and those whome you write about them and put them out of human circle.
i know and understand some of what you write about the arab countries,and the leaders
but never agree your saying about UZRAEEL like the way you mintioned.
dear dont forget that you are avery simple animal that god created,and you never ever has the right to say such this boshit.just because you lived in u.s.
you are boshit and i blame the arabtimes that allowed a piece of shit like you to have a big corner in ther newspaper.
shame on you bad writer,you may think of your parents do they agree this boshit,just because you live in u.s.a,and became amodern shit,is this make you no no your ideas not better than  an animal .
may be my english not so good to give you what you deserve.

muslem and modern arabian,but never forget the bases of life to satisfied the west.